Re: People's Court?

I wouldn't insult the pre-schoolers!

Do you remember what the late US President McKinley advanced as his
personal reason for not deciding to return the Philippines to the
Pilipinos, when he had the opportunity and the power to do so (after
the defeat of Spain)? "I can't do it. Them noypis don't know nothing '
bout self-rule, and self-governance. Ya let dem rule themselfs, ya got
nutin' but sedition, rebellion and anarchy worse than what they had
under Spain." That was over a century ago...Ain't dat a bitch of the

Problem then. Still problem now. George (Santayana) warned: "Ya forget
and ignore your history, ya be doomed by yer past, fool!"

Our own "Dr. Pepe" (Rizal ) taught and admonished at the same time:
"Ang hindi marunong tumingin (umintindi) sa pinangalingan, ay higit sa
loyalistang-balimbing na tuta ni muck farcos na tumandang asong ulol
-parang "gunggona, malansang-bilasang isda pa."

Feigning, fawning, frothing diehard Pinoy patriots and nationalists
don't really know where they are going or where they would like to
direct and bring the country, but they can't wait to get there.