Re: Who is a Pinoy? (Re: shame on your posters)

pong wrote:
> >
> okey dokey senyor - wala naman akong pakialam sa opinyon mo eh puro ad
> hominem naman ang mga comment mo.

I know you care about my opinions. You keep responding to it, until I
just pointed it out. I bet now, you would just ignore my posts to
prove to me that you don't care about what I think, right?

In fact you care so much about what DSP and Rose thinks about you that
you hound them with your little dribbles. I bet you'll continue to
respond to their posts because you want to prove to me that I was wrong
about you having to prove you don't care about what they think.

And to you any criticism on your personality is an ad hominem. So how
do I say that you have a weak ego without hurting your feelings?