Re: us govt report says de castro is inept and an albatross to the philippines if he becomes president

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if so why did gma made him vp? she wants a stooge.

National (as of 11:17 AM)

De Castro slams Mussomeli report

Vice-President Noli de Castro on Wednesday shot back at the report
prepared by former US Chargé D'Affaires Joseph Mussomeli branding him
as "inept in both domestic and foreign policy issues," based on
interviews made by American agents.

De Castro told a DZMM interview that he was not interviewed by any US
agent at any given time. "Walang US agent na nag-interview sa akin para
isikreto kung anuman ang sinasabi ko dahil sa wala namang sikreto sa
sinasabi ko (No US agent interviewed me and there was nothing secret to
anything I've said)."

The Vice-President also said that contrary to claims made in the
report, no American agent ever interviewed his staff.

Lawyer Jessie Andres, de Castro's chief of staff, also denied being
interviewed for the report. "Si Jessie tinawagan ko din. Hindi niya
matandaan na itong si Mussomeli ay nakausap namin ( I called up Jessie
and he does not remember talking to Mussomeli)."

De Castro clarified that Mussomelli never set foot in his office in the
first place. He said the former US Embassy official tried to make an
appointment for a courtesy call but their schedules would not jive.

The Vice-President's furor was based on the report published in the
print and online editions of the Philippine Daily Inquirer on

According to the report, the US government thought of de Castro as
someone who "will do further damage to the Philippines' political and
economic situation should he succeed President Gloria Arroyo."

The report was sourced from an Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
assessment dated July 16, 2005. The assessment was prepared by

Mussomeli, in his assessment, said US agents in the Philippines
portrayed de Castro as "inept in both domestic and foreign policy

De Castro, for his part, said he does not know of anyone who would want
to put him to shame in the interview.

Critics have often portrayed de Castro as someone who is inexperienced
for the country's second highest political position. He, however, said
that public service was his reason for aspiring to become

The Vice-President ran and won under the ticket of the President
following a broadcasting stint with ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp., the
mother unit of this online publication.

How about sending an agent from the Philippines to America to make a report
on Bush?
Would the Americans take any notice?