Re: Freddie Aguilar and April Boy Regino

"patricia javier" <sylviapatis@xxxxxxxxx> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

> interesting. well the topic of the song which is the parents fear
> and love for their kid future is universal.

Your Pinoy mind makes you think it's universal, but like I just told in my
reply to Cheeze - this topic was unheard of in German or English songs I
knew before. There are zillions of songs about what happens between lovers,
but do you know of ANY non-Pinoy song with a similar topic as "Anak"? Zero!

> i get the feeling thu that ka freddie has bob marley almost status
> in some countries.

Maybe in the Philippines, but in Germany only few ever noticed him. Of
course, the percentage of those who know him increased dramatically in and
around my hometown Heidelberg. :-))

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