Re: ManilaTimes: RP hs most expensive medicine in the world [??? BB]

asiaagcaoili wrote:

 imo corruption or bribe giving is part and parcel  of asian  culture.
but in china when they decide to level a cityto create  a  place of
factories they will  destroy it. you cant do that in the pinas. thats
why a lot of factories  like china. if the pinas was china  manila
would be blown up and a new city erected on its place  with modern
wide blvds, freeways, etc etc...

 manila  is not  very competitive  infrastructurally compared to other
asian nations

Manila is small compared to Shanghai, the whole city could move if it wants to and leave the old area alone, I actually like that. Build a "New" Manila outside of the city.

Most cities in China has the essential infrastructure that was built maybe thousands of year ago, it depends. Like sewage systems for example and water source, pipes had been upgraded to copper mostly.

The older places not fit for industry still uses lead pipes.

The country is big enough to support new buildings, Philippines doesn't have that luxury.