Re: Unconvinced the Khaos fuel saver is a fake? Read on...

> "To all queries of Khaos Gas saver below is the official address and
> website of the company."
> Ground Floor President Tower , # * 81 Timog Ave.
> Quezon City, Philippines
> Customer Service: (632)-920 0090
> fax # : (632)-925 4850
> website :
> Emails: Philippine inquiries : info@xxxxxxxx
> International Inquiries :info@xxxxxxxxxxxx

I inquired about the possibility of distributing the device in my city but I
told them I wanted to try the device first on my own Honda Accord. Told them
I will pay for the first unit, install it myself as I used to be an
apprentice mechanic and knows my way around modern engines. They refused.
Told me I need to be an authorized dealer first before they will send me

Sorry but my policy too is to sell only items which I believe really work.