"Ladies" and their Gang of 50 fallen off the radar?

Ever since Cuban Catholic Archbishop Jaime Ortega pronounced the case
closed on the "Ladies" so-called political prisoners -- their Gang of
50 -- coverage of the "Ladies'" antics has fallen close to zero in the
mainstream media. Coincidence?

See: "'Ladies' praying for freedom of terrorists and spies -- Amnesty
International and the Church aren't buying it" at

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    ... The Pope’s Visit to Cuba: ... This news which was published at the beginning of November has aroused numerous expectations and possibilities. ... More than a half of the Catholic Church one thousand million members live in Latin America so the visit of the Supreme Pastor of the Catholic Church is always a momentous event that does not leave indifferent either the visited Church or the civilian authorities or a great part of the people that declares itself a believer from a Christian matrix. ... That is why whether we want it or not, every visit of one Pope has a religious dimension and another political and social dimension. ...
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