Blackmailer Paul Lamot (PL) up to his old tricks

By using my full name here, the cowardly blackmailer, Paul Lamot,
hopes to intimidate me into silence. When I recently suggested that we
stop using each others names here, Paul Lamot foolishly threatened me
saying, "You stop all lies, spam and insults and there is no more [my

Paul Lamot, in his own inarticulate fashion here, was demanding that I
stop posting what are, for him, some very inconvenient truths --
everything from the genocidal natural of his beloved embargo to the
declining stock of his di$$ident pals in Cuba to the sad truth about
his pathetic little websites. Otherwise, he threatened to continue
violating my privacy by posting my full name here. Whatever other
rationalizations and flimsy pretexts he may present here, this threat
reveals his true motive -- to blackmail me into silence. As you can
see, it isn't working. Paul Lamot has only succeeded in undermining
what little personal credibility he had left here.

You certainly have no more right to privacy than I do, Paul Lamot.
Remember, you still have over 1,000 postings online under your name,
Paul Lamot. See:
) You even had a link at your anti-Cuban propaganda site (in the WHOIS
data) to your "management consulting" homepage that gave your full
name, address, phone numbers and CV (resume). By your own twisted
logic then, you are not entitled to ANY privacy! You are such a

Just remember, Paul Lamot, whenever you use my last name or refer to
DCP, I will respond in kind by using your name ten times over. Get
used to it. In every thread, as here, you are always the instigator,
so it is entirely up to you to put an end to this.

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topic postings attempting to muddy the waters here -- on everything
from his genocidal Final Solution to the raunchy "sex" ads at his
website -- interested readers should see:

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If you can't convince 'em, confuse 'em, right, Paul Lamot?

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his lies and evasions on everything from his lobbying exploits to the
international condemnation of his beloved embargo, see:

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