The facts blackmailer Dan Christensen aka DCPROOF can not deny - Dan Christensen aka DCPROOF again exposed as the liar he is

Bottom line:

Dan Christensen selected "Dan Christensen" as his main alias to use in Usenet (though he also used DCPROOF and Cubafaq)
He has been posting as such for 12 years. Never objecting to being referred to as the name he had chosen: "Dan Christensen".
I chose "PL", a name Dan Christensen large used and respected except on a series of occasions where he abused my privacy here - alone or working together with other foul blackmailers like Francois Valy who was condemned to jail for his abuses - and an episode on his website until his ISP forced him to remove the page.
(see the second part of this message)
In April of this year Dan Christensen started another campaign of blackmail abusing my privacy and threatening to escalate even more in order to force me not to refer to his past record of lies and to intimidate me in to stopping to post.
That won't work and with each abuse I will expose Dan Christensen aka DCPROOF as the vulgar lying blackmailer he is.

Expect another snip, lie, insult, blackmail and run from Dan Christensen aka DCPROOF.
Don't be fooled by his ridiculous tactic of snipping all and posting a link: there won't be anything addressing these facts at the end of the link.
As always.


Using 3 of the last messages of Dan Christensen aka DCPROOF on this matter it is easy to expose Dan Christensen (aka DCPROOF) as the vulgar liar and blackmailer he is.

Dan Wrote:

"When I recently suggested that we stop using each others names here,"


"We" never used each others names here. We used the aliases we used in SCC.: "PL" and "Dan Christensen".
see: (examples from Dan Christensen posting as "Dan Christensen) and Cubafaq
- )

Only in April Dan Christensen aka started his blackmail and abuse:

Dan Christensen aka DCPROOF stopped using "PL" when started blackmailing me with ever increasing abuse of my privacy using private data that has no place in this newsgroup to force me in to not referring to your 10 year record as a lying, slandering and abusing Castro propagandist.
(see this message for an example: )

You NEVER used anything else to refer to me as PL (except in some episodes of attempts at blackmail in the past joining your jailbird friend Valy or on the web page you had to remove from your website).
You posted for 10 years straight using "Dan Christensen" as your handle. You have confirmed that that is your name and it was YOUR decision to use that for over 10 years and you NEVER complained about it.
That means you have for 10 YEARS consistently been using that alias without any qualms. That is full consent under any legal system.

When Dan Christensen started using "CUBAFAQ" in his first message as Cubafaq: here he clearly shows it as Dan Christensen posting (see the name on the message)

So Dan Christensen clearly stated: Cubafaq = Dan Christensen

See: his profile as "Cubafaq"

This thread shows a nicely how dan Christensen started his latest blackmail:


Dan Christensen admits he is blackmailing me:

In his other message he wrote:

"Pathetic. Unfortunately for you, your threat remains online for all
too see the proper context. The above THREAT was your immediate
response to my suggestion that we stop using each others names here"

Let's see what Dan Christensen aka DCPROOF in fact wrote with the context:


"> >> You said it yourself Dan Christensen
> >> As long as I refer to your name of 12 years that you dropped to hide
> >> behind a respected name used previously by others you will
continue to
> >> violate my privacy.
> >
> > That is another issue altogether.
> (snip)

> Nope.
> that is the only issue.

If so, then the resolution is simple: You stop using my name, and I
stop using yours. But you have no interest in being civil, do you,
[abuse by Dan Christensen aka DCPROOF]? Oh, well....

> You said it yourself Dan Christensen
> As long as I refer to your name of 12 years that you dropped to hide
> behind a respected name used previously by others you will continue to
> violate my privacy.


As you have recently confirmed, I have been using the CubaFAQ name (in
my website URL) for over 10 years (since 2000). And as long as you
continue to use my full name, I will continue to use yours. Get used
to it. (Have you Googled your name lately, [abuse by Dan Christensen aka DCPROOF]?)"


Note: Dan Christensen did NOT use the Cubafaq name on his website for 10 years. It had his name on it and a name "Issues ..."
He only used the word as part of a, HTML name of a page (purely technical, nothing editorial or identity related)


The two elements of blackmail are here:
- stop referring to the alias I used for the last 10 years
- I will post a constant stream of slanderous personal attacks to defame you on the web.


Blackmail again confirmed in this recent message
"Again, if you want me to stop using your name, you must stop using
mine and stop referring to DCP."

You go down as the desperate blackmailer you are Dan Christensen.

Note that:

- Dan Christensen continues to post the link to his website that basically contains his name (something he can't easily change)

- Dan Christensen consistently kept referring to his previous posts as "Dan Christensen" until I pointed that out. Lots of examples though.

- Dan Christensen has been desperately trying to remove messages of his posted recently as "Dan Christensen" and DCPROOF to try and convince people he doesn't use them. As Dan posts via Google he can ideed wipe them from their database.
he can't wipe them from the other databases though, so here are the links to the messages Dan Christensen tried to delete to hide his abuse:
* "Dan Christensen" (as Dan again confirmed here today his real name)
Link to Dan Christensen posting as "Dan Christensen" Jun 1.
* "DCPROOF" the name of his commercial venture
Link to Dan Christensen posting as DCPROOF June 11

- nearly all of Dan Christensen's message are personal attacks on me some disguised as a reply and even there Dan Christensen endlessly repeats two or three items of spam lies (again to flood them in to Google)

I will continue to refer to Dan Christensen with the name he used for years. This is all a ploy by Dan Christensen to intimidate others in to letting him shed his old "skin".
But then: once a snake, always a snake.

What I will do will be within all rules of Usenet.
What Dan Christensen will do will violate all rules of Usenet and of decency.

That is what sets us apart.

Dan Christensen mos probably knew his blackmail wouldn't work.
He most probably knew it would create an even bigger problem for him.
He also knows I have never and will never give in to blackmail.
As the vulgar small minded dogmatic person he is he will most likely continue his abuses threats and attempts at blackmail just out of spite.

PS: to set the record straight:

The facts exposing Dan Christensen aka DCPROOF lies below

Note: Dan Christensen posts under various handles here:
- "Cubafaq" copied from others for anonymity and "credibility"
Link to the real "Cubafaq" website:
- "Dan Christensen" (as Dan again confirmed here today his real name)
Link to Dan Christensen posting as "Dan Christensen" Jun 1.
- "DCPROOF" the name of his commercial venture
Link to Dan Christensen posting as DCPROOF June 11


Again Dan Christensen tries to blackmail me with violations of my privacy even though he has been sanctioned for it

10 years ago Dan Christensen was utterly exposed as the liar he is.
In a desperate attempt he contacted one of the sources I quote posing as a "researcher" and trying to get some statement from the man he could use in his attacks on me.
He tricked the person in to showing him one mail out of a series between him and me (the man did that is full confidence of confidentiality but without my permission).
I don't blame the man because it was clear Dan misled him about both who he was and his intentions and the man acted in a way that would not be any problem amongst honest people.

As always Dan Christensen used the mail as a basis and "post-edited" it.
He posted it on his website in a file

That contained personal data like names and addresses and was no more than a crude falsification on the original. A falsification that suited his propaganda. He of course did not ask permission from any of us to use the mail.

I warned Dan I would act, but like now he continued his abuse.

We contacted his IP and they ordered him to remove the page.
He only removed names and addresses and boasted:

"100% improvement"

Then his ISP told him to remove the page or be banned and it was my time to enjoy 100% improvement.

100% improvement in Dan's site
Feb 26 2001, 8:54 pm";

The third party involved said:

"Please remove the following very offensive web site";


"Christensen's website and it's legal woes."


"Please remove the following very offensive web site

The extreme distortions made on this site are both offensive and legally

Please remove this web site as soon as you can. It does much harm and no
at all.

Thanks you for your cooperation in this awful matter.""

Dan Christensen then was forced to remove the page, but copied the full content in to Usenet (soc.culture.cuba) to keep his lies on the web.
That exposes his lie that he removed it for any other reasons than being forced to.

Now Castro apologist and blackmailer Dan Christensen posting here as Dan Christensen, Cubafaq and DCproof will post his lies in reply and claim he removed the site "out of respect" to the third party, but this below will expose that as the lie it is.

The facts are clear Dan Christensen: you claimed to removed the post at that time" in respect of what Dr. *** wanted, but in fact you immediately posted in to SCC.

The site was removed after we jointly wrote your ISP and you disrespected everyone by posting everything in SCC:

"(recently re-posted at SCC)"

"100% improvement in Dan's site"