Even Amnesty International has expressed "doubts about the fairness and impartiality of the trial" of The Five

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Even Amnesty International has expressed "doubts about the fairness
and impartiality of the trial which have not been resolved on

no more and that doesn't change the facts
the facts are what they are.
never questioned by Amnesty.

Amnesty International even questions US propaganda that The Five
received anything approaching a fair trial


Thanks for confirming they never questioned any of the facts

Still in denial, I see. Sadly, for you and your US political masters,
Amnesty International has questioned not only your so-called "facts,"
but the entire so-called "trial" and "appeal" process. They are not
talking about some arcane legal technicalities, but basic issues of
"fairness and impartiality."

The entire world is onto your lies and disinformation now, Paul Lamot.
Deal with it, not by snipping and running, and trying to muddy the
waters with your countless, off-topic postings like this, but by
facing up to the issues for once, Paul Lamot.

It only asked for a review of the case and various were done in the
appeals process.http://www.amnesty.org/en/library/asset/AMR51/096/2010/en/675bdaf0-ff...

But then Amnesty International also asked for an investigation of the
murder of Soto Gracia.

Desperately trying to change the subject, I see. Can't blame you
really. You are going down in flames here, Paul Lamot.

In any case, that was before the truth was revealed by the Soto family
themselves in the Cuban media. See "Cuban TV Video of Family's
Testimony in Soto case" at https://groups.google.com/group/soc.culture.cuba/msg/134f0d9ed8221215?hl=en

Even the mainstream, capitalist media abandoned your di$$ident pals in
apparent disgust at that point. Even another threatened hunger strike
by the famous Farinas (his 24th in 15 years) went largely unnoticed.
Must be frustrating as hell for you. (Sorry, but reposting their self-
serving lies just won't cut it here, Paul Lamot.)

Really, if this is the best you can do, Paul Lamot, and you STILL have
nothing new and relevant to add, do expect a reply from me on this

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PS: You will not silence me with your blackmail and threats, Paul
Lamot. Several times now you have threatened me saying, "You stop all
lies, spam and insults and there is no more [my name]." In other
words, I am to stop posting what, for you, are inconvenient truths, or
else you threaten to violate my privacy by posting my name or making
references to DCP.

Remember, you still have over 1,000 postings online (at Google Groups)
under your name. You even had a link at your anti-Cuban propaganda
site (in the WHOIS data) to your so-called "management consulting"
homepage that gave your full name, address, phone numbers and CV. By
your own twisted logic then, you are not entitled to ANY privacy! You
are such a hypocrite, Paul Lamot.

Notwithstanding your silly little games here, whenever you use my last
name or refer to DCP, I will respond in kind by using your name ten
times over, and you will be exposed for the cowardly blackmailer that
you are. Get used to it, Paul Lamot. In every thread, as here, you are
always the instigator, so it is entirely up to you to put an end to

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