Blackmailer Paul Lamot's lies about US medical expert exposed

On Jun 14, 4:02 pm, PL <pl.nos...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
[snipping portions of PL's posting already debunked here, or just too
lame to bother with]

10 years ago Dan Christensen was utterly exposed as the liar he is.
In a desperate attempt he contacted one of the sources I quote posing as
a "researcher" and trying to get some statement from the man he could
use in his attacks on me.

The truth: The cowardly blackmailer, Paul Lamot, had been spreading
lies for several months (years?) about a certain US medical expert
(who shall remain nameless) saying that he claimed Cuban health stats
were falsified. One day, the good doctor wrote an e-mail to both of us
exposing Paul Lamot for the truly desperate liar that he is. It was

In my zeal, I posted that e-mail at my website as an example of Paul
Lamot's lies that have been exposed and debunked here. On the off
chance that some idiot might believe Paul Lamot's lies, however, the
good doctor wrote to me and asked me to take it down. While I believed
I was within my rights, out of respect for him and his good work, I
deleted it and a copy posted here at SCC. It was almost worth it to
see Paul Lamot squirm, but I had to agree that, in the greater scheme
of things, he is a rather small fish. Besides, no one to this day
believes his bullshit about Cuban health stats, not even his CIA
colleagues -- his partners in crime! And as readers can see here,
there is certainly no shortage of Paul Lamot's lies to expose!

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PS: As an antidote to each of PL's venomous personal attacks here, and
to his lies and evasions on everything from his lobbying exploits to
the international condemnation of his beloved embargo, see: "PL's same
tired old lies and evasions EXPOSED" at
Also, see: "Amnesty International slams US embargo... AGAIN!" at

PPS (to PL): You will not silence me with your blackmail and threats,
Paul Lamot. Several times now you have threatened me saying, "You stop
all lies, spam and insults and there is no more [my name]." In other
words, I am to stop posting what, for you, are inconvenient truths, or
else you threaten to violate my privacy by posting my name or making
references to DCP.

Remember, you still have over 1,000 postings online (at Google Groups)
under your name. You even had a link at your anti-Cuban propaganda
site (in the WHOIS data) to your so-called "management consulting"
homepage that gave your full name, address, phone numbers and CV. By
your own twisted logic then, you are not entitled to ANY privacy! You
are such a hypocrite, Paul Lamot.

Notwithstanding your silly little games here, whenever you use my last
name or refer to DCP, I will respond in kind by using your name ten
times over, and you will be exposed for the cowardly blackmailer that
you are. Get used to it, Paul Lamot. In every thread, as here, you are
always the instigator, so it is entirely up to you, Paul Lamot.