Re: More clear threats of violations of privacy by blackmailer Dan Christensen aka DCPROOF in his desperate attempts to stop me posting

On 12/06/2011 5:55, CubaFAQ wrote:
Dan Christensen exposes himself as the hypocrite liar he is.
All his claims about me violating his "privacy" are bogus as hell and his abuse is no more than a clear attempt to blackmail me in to no longer posting the "inconvenient" truth that exposes his lies.

Link to Dan Christensen posting as DCPROOF June 11

Link to Dan Christensen posting as "Dan Christensen" June 1.

Thanks for exposing yourself again as the desperate hypocrite you are
Dan Christensen: you post as DCPROOF and Dan Christensen and then claim it violates you privacy to refer to you as DCPROOF or Dan Christensen.
How desperate can you get?

> PS (to PL): You will not silence me with your blackmail and

I don't blackmail you in any Way Dan Christensen.
I only use the three handles you have been using over the last couple
years, to with which you yourself have identified yourself and to the
messages of which you refer all the time (as you do to one of the
websites linked to them) here to put your words in context.
No abuse.

> "You stop
> all lies, spam and insults a

Thanks for confirming I only wanted you to end your abuses Dan

So as I have said so often:

In other words stop posting lies and insults and I won't need to
If you do post your "lobbyist", "nazi", "cia" lies and post the same
spam and misquotes I will reply.
No blackmail at all.

Dan Christensen is the name associated with web sites with names and
addresses on it and a 12 year long campaign of lies and slander "CIA,
corruption, , nazi, ..."
If you wanted to make a clean break with your past I would have
respected and applauded that.

> You even had
> a link at your anti-Cuban propaganda site (in the WHOIS data) to
> so-called "management consulting"

thanks for confirming you are indeed "cranking up" your blackmail
efforts with links to stuff that is outdated, obtained for purposes
blackmail and abuse that has no bearing whatsoever on what is posted
in SCC.
That helps to show people what a sleazy blackmailer you are.

I know that you are planning to use the abusive violations of my
of both yourself and your jailbird friend Valy, Dan Christensen and I
telling you it won't work.
That has all been used and has lost all "blackmail power".
With every of your messages it becomes more and more clear that you
trying to blackmail me in to stopping to post here and expose you as
liar you are.
That won't work.
People that live in glass houses - even if they Think they are made
concrete - shouldn't throw stones Dan Christensen.
Stop your blackmail and abuse, Dan. If you want to escalate this -
decision - I will match you step for step.
You hurt a pregnant woman once and didn't care shit about it so I know
am dealing with an utter sleazebag and I know.

In order for anyone to follow what has been going on here over the
10 years all they need is my handle: PL and your three handles "Dan
Christensen", DCPROOF" and "Cubafaq".
Anything beyond that is just another proof of abuse and blackmail.
Proof of blackmail you just stated again.
Thanks for confirming I was right.

As far as your privacy is concerned: you chose to use these handles
the last 10 years: "Dan Christensen", 'Cubafaq" and "DCproof". I chose
That is all we need.
Anything beyond that - in short everything you use or threaten to use
is beyond the pale.