Re: EU decries no-show of Farinas for rights prize -- Poor, desperate lobbyist!

Here, it seems the cowardly apologist PL cannot refute the fact that
Cuban's have just too much to lose to allow foreign regimes, even the
EU, to finance counter-revolutionaries who would turn the clock back
to his "good old days" under US domination and the puppet dictator,
Batista. He also could not deny that the US regime, if it has its way,
Cubans would never be allowed to vote in support their socialist
system that, despite decades of genocidal US trade sanctions,
continues to maintain the best health care and education systems in
Latin America. It would be capitalism or death. Whatever it takes,
right, Mr. Lobbyist?

Previously in this thread, we saw once again that the cowardly PL
still could not refute reports from Amnesty International and the UN
that prove his beloved US embargo is indeed a form of genocide. As
usual, he was reduced to mindlessly repeating his already failed lies
and rationalizations. He even tried to suggest that AI actually
supports these cruel and inhumane sanctions of his! Yes, he really is
THAT stupid and THAT desperate!

As usual, the cowardly apologist PL began his posting by promoting his
cheap imitation, quota-filling website, followed by a slew of
venomous, personal attacks, each repeatedly debunked here. What a

On Dec 15, 3:35 pm, PL <pl.nos...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

[snipping portions of PL's posting already debunked here, or just too
lame to bother with]

http://cubafaq.w... [snip]

Poor, desperate lobbyist... OK, let's get this out of the way first.

Like his 3 other websites, all with nearly identical content, this
cheap imitation of my original CubaFAQ website is nothing more than a
shell for cut-and-paste news articles already widely available on the
web. (Just the latest of yet ANOTHER of your instant "websites," eh,
Mr. Lobbyist?) It has no list of FAQ's as the name misleadingly
suggests, and no original content whatsoever. And half the links at
the homepage are to PL's 3 other websites! Coincidence? It has a
Google Page Rank of 0/10, i.e. no traffic or links to speak of. (Some
"top site," eh, Mr. Lobbyist? No wonder you are so desperate to
promote it!) At last count, it seems the desperate PL is posting the
same bullshit postings SIX TIMES OVER every day! You can tell us...
It's that quota thing again, isn't it, Mr. Lobbyist?

On the other hand, my CubaFAQ website -- the real thing -- is full of
original material including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's). Prior
to changing ISP's, it had a Google Page Rank of 5/10. To see why,
after 10 years, it STILL has the ever-desperate lobbyist PL shitting
his pants, visit my website at its new home:
(previously for nearly 10 years at:

As an antidote to each of PL's venomous personal attacks here, and to
his lies and evasions on everything from his lobbying exploits to the
international condemnation of his beloved embargo, see: "PL's same
tired old lies and evasions EXPOSED" at

   >    You mean Cuba won't allow the EU to finance counter-revolutionaries bent on turning the clock back to the "good old days" of US domination under the puppet dictator, Batista. The Cuban people simply have too much to lose to play that game. See "Achievements of the Revolution" and "Cuba Under Siege" at my website.


Cuba is afraid of the international support for human rights activists..

You mean Cubans are afraid to lose the hard-won gains of the
Revolution. (snip)

What the cowardly apologist PL snipped for obvious reasons:


What the cowardly apologist PL snipped for obvious reasons:

You mean Cubans are afraid to lose the hard-won gains of the
Revolution. Despite the best efforts all you embargo-Nazis, Cubans are
STILL able to maintain the best health care and education systems in
Latin America. Their infant mortality rate -- the single most reliable
indicator of overall public health -- is now the best in the Americas,
better than the USA, even better than Canada!

exposed as a lie.

Only in your genocidal wet dreams, Mr. Lobbyist. But thanks for
confirming that even you cannot deny the amazing achievements of the
Revolution -- all despite your very best efforts. Must be frustrating
as hell for you!

I guess that is why Castro doesn't let them freely vote

Cuba is more democratic than the USA ever was.(snip)

What the cowardly PL snipped:

Cuba is more democratic than the USA ever was. It must really piss you
off that, despite your best efforts to crush their fighting spirit,
Cubans consistently and overwhelmingly vote in favour of their
government and the Revolution. (See "Democracy in Cuba" at my
website.) I guess that's why you believe genocide is the only answer
-- your own Final Solution, right, Mr. Lobbyist?

Even under the terms of the Helms-Burton Act (your own "Mein Kampf"),
Cubans would not be allowed to vote to retain their socialist system.
The US regime would simply not allow it. It would be "capitalism or
death." Can't have them making the same "mistake" twice, right, Mr.
Lobbyist? Some champion of democracy you are! But we always knew that
was just a mask for your evil intentions.

Cuba is no democracy [snip]

Very evasive, Mr. Lobbyist, but thanks for confirming your anti-
democratic credentials. You couldn't care less what the Cuban people
want. But we always knew that.

Insults don't change fact Dan.

If you find the truth "insulting,"


iu like the truth.

You hate the truth, Mr. Lobbyist. You have made something of a career
trying to bury it!

I find your lies and slander insulting.

No lies or slanders, Mr. Lobbyist -- just your own words and
evasiveness coming back to haunt you.

You are the only one with "Nazi" attitudes [snip]

You are the one who has repeatedly refused(snip)

As predicted, when the cowardly apologist PL is confronted by the
crimes of his political masters, he can only snip and run away in

What the cowardly PL snipped for obvious reasons:

You are the one who has repeatedly refused (literally hundreds of
times now) to even comment on -- never mind condemn! -- the murder and
torture of opponents of the Bush regime in its vast network of secret
prisons around the world. Given this tacit support for murder and
torture, and your well known enthusiasm for genocide (see footnotes),
it is easy to imagine the reign of terror you would unleash on the
Cuban people if you ever had the chance again. Whatever it takes,
right, Nazi boy?

Watch now as the cowardly apologist PL snips this reply and once again
refuses to even comment on the crimes of his political masters. What a

I am the one that has always refused to support huma rights abuses and
killings [snip]

A blatant lie. You are the one who has always refused comment on --
never mind condemn! -- the horrendous crimes against humanity
perpetrated of your political masters. Whatever it takes, right, Mr.

Time to be a man for once, Mr. Lobbyist. Time to finally stand up for
what you REALLY believe. And we both know it has absolutely NOTHING to
do with "democracy" and "human rights," don't we?

Visit my CUBA: Issues & Answers website at its new home:
(The original CubaFAQ website. Don't be fooled by PL's cheap

PS: As an antidote to each of PL's venomous personal attacks here, and
to his lies and evasions on everything from his lobbying exploits to
the international condemnation of his beloved embargo, see: "PL's same
tired old lies and evasions EXPOSED" at

Footnotes (which the cowardly apologist PL keeps snipping and refusing
to address)

The facts as documented in reports recently released by Amnesty
International (my emphasis):

March 2009

"Amnesty International urges the US government to lift the nearly five-
decade long economic and trade embargo against Cuba as it is
detrimental to the fulfillment of the economic and social rights of
the Cuban people. It OBSTRUCTS AND CONSTRAINS efforts by the Cuban
government to purchase essential medicines, medical equipment and
supplies, food and agricultural products, construction materials and
access to new technologies.

September 2009

"The US embargo against Cuba is IMMORAL and should be lifted. It’s
preventing millions of Cubans from benefiting from vital medicines and
medical equipment essential for their health."

"Because of the US embargo, Cuba faces SEVERE RESTRICTIONS in
importing medicines, medical equipment or technologies from the USA or
from any US company abroad. The sanctions also limit other imports to
the island and restrict travel and the transfer of money."

"Amnesty International calls on the US Congress to take, WITHOUT
FURTHER DELAY, the necessary steps towards lifting the economic,
financial and trade embargo against Cuba...

"The US government is acting CONTRARY to the Charter of the United
Nations by restricting the direct import of medicine and medical
equipment and supplies, and by imposing those restrictions on
companies operating in third countries."

"The UN General Assembly has repeatedly CONDEMNED the US embargo as
contrary to the Charter of the United Nations and international law.
On 29 October 2008 the UN General Assembly passed a resolution
reiterating for the 17th time its call on the USA to end its embargo
against Cuba. That resolution was adopted with 185 votes in favour,
three against and two abstentions. The Inter-American Commission on
Human Rights has also reiterated its position regarding “the impact of
such sanctions on the human rights of the Cuban people and, therefore,

[Follow-up: In November 2009, with the exceptions of only the USA,
Israel and a handful of tiny, US island-colonies in the South Pacific,
representatives of EVERY nation on the planet voted at the UN General
Assembly to condemn these cruel and inhumane sanctions.]

[Follow-up: On October 26, 2010 the UN General Assembly voted
overwhelmingly again to condemn the US embargo. Only Israel voted with
the US against the resolution. Israel trades freely with Cuba, so even
this single vote cannot be seen as support for these cruel and
inhumane sanctions. On this the US is truly isolated in the world. The
only abstentions were the tiny US-island colonies in the South
Pacific: Palau (pop. 20,000), Micronesia (pop. 110,000) and the
Marshall Islands (pop. 60,000).]

"[E]xports of food and agricultural products to Cuba remain regulated
by the Department of Commerce and require a licence for export or re-
export. The export of medicines and medical supplies continues to be

“The RESTRICTIONS IMPOSED BY THE EMBARGO help to deprive Cuba of vital
access to medicines, new scientific and medical technology, food,
chemical water treatment and electricity.”

"The provision of health care has suffered from the LIMITATIONS AND
RESTRICTIONS IMPOSED BY THE EMBARGO on the procurement of basic and
specialized medical equipment and chemical components needed for the
production of generic medicines....

"Cuba was UNABLE TO IMPORT nutritional products destined for children
and for consumption at schools, hospitals and day care centres. This
had an adverse effect on the health and nutritional status of the

"Children’s health was also put at risk by a decision from syringe
suppliers to CANCEL an order for 3 million disposable syringes by
UNICEF’s Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization when it became
known that the units were destined for the implementation of the
programme in Cuba.

"The number of children suffering from heart conditions who are
waiting for appropriate treatment at a pediatric hospital has
increased after Cuba was unable to buy from the US-based companies the
necessary medical equipment for their treatment. The companies
allegedly refused to negotiate with Cuba because of the RESTRICTIONS

"LACK OF ACCESS to products manufactured by United States companies
such as St. Jude Medical, Boston Scientific and Amplatzer prevents the
provision of proper care to seriously ill patients who need a
pacemaker, St. Jude prosthetic valves or septal occluders, forcing
their treatment with alternative, riskier surgical techniques.

"It has been IMPOSSIBLE TO PURCHASE a positron emission tomography/
computerized tomography (PET/CT) scanner, a state-of-the-art piece of
medical equipment needed for treatment that is made by only three
manufacturers worldwide, all unauthorized to negotiate with Cuba."

The impact of economic sanctions on health and health services is not
limited to difficulties in the supply of medicine. Health and health
services depend on functioning water and sanitation infrastructure, on
electricity and other functioning equipment such as X-ray facilities
or refrigerators to store vaccines. The financial burden and
commercial barriers have led to shortages or intermittent availability
of drugs, medicines, equipment and spare parts. It has also hindered
the renovation of hospitals, clinics and care centres for the elderly.
(PDF format)

September 2010

"[The US embargo's is] negatively affecting Cubans’ access to
medicines and medical technologies and endangering the health of
millions. United Nations agencies and programs operating in Cuba, such
as UNICEF, UNAIDS and UNFPA, have reported that the US embargo has
undermined the implementation of programs aimed at improving the
living conditions of Cubans."

From other sources:

"[US Congressional] House Committee on Agriculture Chairman Collin
Peterson and U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar joined members of the National
Farmers Union (NFU) this week to call for passage of the Travel
Restriction and Export Enhancement Act. It would boost U.S.
agriculture by easing restrictions on the sale of homegrown food and
commodities to Cuba....

"The U.S. International Trade Commission estimated that U.S. exports
to Cuba could increase by nearly $500 million a year if provisions in
this legislation were enacted. In addition to the National Farmers
Union, the bill is supported by a broad coalition of national business
and agriculture industry groups."

Source: "Peterson, Klobuchar call for increased U.S. food and
commodity exports to Cuba," Echo Press, September 18, 2010

Note that Article 2c of the UN Genocide Convention states that the
crime of genocide includes, among other things, "deliberately
inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about
its physical destruction in whole or in part."

Again, as Amnesty International has reported, “The restrictions
imposed by the embargo help to deprive Cuba of vital access to
medicines, new scientific and medical technology, food, chemical water
treatment and electricity.” These are deliberate acts, the only
purpose of which can be to bring about the physical destruction of the
Cuban people in whole or in part. These cruel sanctions can,
therefore, even be seen as a form of genocide under international law!
Makes you proud, don't it, America?

Also, according to at least one US expert, in addition to blocking
essential imports, the US embargo is also a major impediment to the
development of agriculture and food production in Cuba:

"William A. Messina Jr., of the University of Florida's Agriculture
Science Institute, said that the communist island 'has such good soil
and it represents a challenge of such magnitude that, with the END OF
THE EMBARGO, the agricultural market impact on the continent would be
larger that of the Free Trade Treaty [North American Free Trade

Source: "Cuba's agriculture shows promise," Miami Herald, Sept. 9,

Contrary to PL's self-serving lies and rationalizations then, no
amount of US exports (or anything else) can possibly let his political
masters off the hook for deliberately depriving Cubans of "vital
access to medicines, new scientific and medical technology, food,
chemical water treatment and electricity” and impeding the
development of food production. Morally and legally, this is genocide.