Cowardly hypocrite PL, on question of genocidal trade sanctions snips and runs away in terror ONE-HUNDRED-AND-ELEVEN TIMES NOW!!!

On Sep 11, 5:28 pm, PL <pl.nos...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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Poor, desperate lobbyist... Are you now being paid by the posting?

Why else would you keep splitting your postings like this? You just
keep posting the same shit over and over again anyway. It's making you
look really desperate. So are your cowardly snip-and-run tactics.

Anyway, here is the posting that has PL shitting his pants and running
away in terror, trying anything he can -- now including splitting his
postings -- in a pathetic attempt to avoid the issues:

(PL's cowardly snip-and-run tactics are getting him nowhere. He is
going down in flames, desperately trying to convince you -- mostly by
snipping and running -- that contrary to Amnesty International
reports, it is not the US embargo, but the CUBAN government that is
responsible for blocking or limiting imports of food and essential
medicines. Yes, he really is that desperate and that stupid! )

On Sep 11, 3:52 pm, PL <pl.nos...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

[snipping portions of PL's cowardly posting already debunked here, or
too lame to bother with]

>>>> I say even Raul Castro blames Cuba for the lack of food
>>>> "Castro took a few swipes at the U.S. trade embargo that has been in
>>>> place since 1962, but made it clear Cubans have only themselves to
>>>> blame for agriculture shortages."

> What PL snipped, without indicting, for all too obvious reasons:

> Repeatedly debunked here. (snip)

What PL snipped yet again, refusing to address the issues:

Repeatedly debunked here. Again, he is not dismissing the impact of
the US embargo. Your own quote says he took "swipes at the U.S. trade
embargo." He is exhorting Cubans to work more efficiently -- a common
theme these days. By working more efficiently and increasing food
production, he is saying the impact of these cruel sanction could be
dramatically lessened or even nullified. The same could be said of any
sanctions that block or limit food imports -- as your beloved embargo
clearly does. In no way, however, would this get you off the hook for
what amounts to genocide.

Never debunked.
His words are clear:

That's all you can say??? You are simply repeating yourself. Address
the issues or concede the point, Mr. Lobbyist.

Again, we are left with the fact that no one is buying into your
outrageous claim that Cuba is somehow responsible for the blocking or
limiting of imports of food and essential medicines. As Amnesty
International has shown, your beloved embargo is clearly to blame for
that. You keep snipping their reports from my postings, but here they
are again.

March 2009

"Amnesty International urges the US government to lift the nearly
decade long economic and trade embargo against Cuba as it is
detrimental to the fulfillment of the economic and social rights of
the Cuban people. It obstructs and constrains efforts by the Cuban
government to purchase essential medicines, medical equipment and
supplies, food and agricultural products, construction materials and
access to new technologies.

September 2009

"The US embargo against Cuba is immoral and should be lifted. It’s
preventing millions of Cubans from benefiting from vital medicines and
medical equipment essential for their health."

"Because of the US embargo, Cuba faces severe restrictions in
importing medicines, medical equipment or technologies from the USA or
from any US company abroad. The sanctions also limit other imports to
the island and restrict travel and the transfer of money."

"Amnesty International calls on the US Congress to take, without
further delay, the necessary steps towards lifting the economic,
financial and trade embargo against Cuba...

"The UN General Assembly has repeatedly condemned the US embargo as
contrary to the Charter of the United Nations and international law.
On 29 October 2008 the UN General Assembly passed a resolution
reiterating for the 17th time its call on the USA to end its embargo
against Cuba. That resolution was adopted with 185 votes in favour,
three against and two abstentions. The Inter-American Commission on
Human Rights has also reiterated its position regarding “the impact of
such sanctions on the human rights of the Cuban people and, therefore,
insists that the embargo be lifted.”

“The restrictions imposed by the embargo help to deprive Cuba of vital
access to medicines, new scientific and medical technology, food,
chemical water treatment and electricity.”

"The provision of health care has also suffered from the limitations
and restrictions imposed by the embargo on the procurement of basic
and specialized medical equipment and chemical components needed for
the production of generic medicines.

"The impact of economic sanctions on health and health services is not
limited to difficulties in the supply of medicine. Health and health
services depend on functioning water and sanitation infrastructure, on
electricity and other functioning equipment such as X-ray facilities
or refrigerators to store vaccines. The financial burden and
commercial barriers have led to shortages or intermittent availability
of drugs, medicines, equipment and spare parts. It has also hindered
the renovation of hospitals, clinics and care centres for the

These facts are not going to go away, no matter how often you snip
them, Mr. Lobbyist. And neither are these questions that you have
snipped and run away from in terror ONE-HUNDRED-AND-TEN TIMES NOW!!!

1. In these statements, Amnesty International
(a) expresses support for the US embargo
(b) is neutral on the issue of the US embargo
(c) condemns the US embargo

2. It is apparent from these statements that Amnesty International
(a) would support the indefinite extension of the US embargo
(b) would support the extension of the US embargo as a temporary
(c) would NOT support the extension of US embargo even as a temporary

3. In general, international trade sanctions which block or limit a
nation's access to food and essential medicines are
(a) never genocide
(b) sometimes not genocide
(c) always genocide.

4. Do you deny that your beloved embargo, as AI reported, is used to
obstruct and constrain Cuba's access to food and essential medicine?

5, Do you deny that trade sanctions which obstruct and constrain a
nation's access to food and essential medicine are a form of genocide?

6. Can you honestly state that AI would indefinitely support these
cruel and inhumane sanctions of yours until certain "changes" are
introduced in Cuba?

You can try to snip and run again. You can try to change the subject.
You can also try listing every report of Cuba's economic woes ever
printed (both real and imagined) but they can NEVER justify these
cruel and inhumane sanctions of yours.

Again, it is time to be a man for once, Mr. Lobbyist. Enough of your
cowardly, hypocritical snip-and-run tactics. Enough of your lies and
evasive non-answers. Stand up for what you REALLY believe and just
answer these questions. You have nothing to lose. Readers here could
not possibly have a lower opinion of you. You might even pick up some
support from the extreme right -- those like you who are blinded the
same fanatical hatred of the Cuban people.

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PS: As an antidote to PL's venomous personal attacks on me here, see
any recent version of "PL's same tired old lies and evasions." He does
tend to repeat himself.