Re: Cuba's Healthcare a model for the U.S. says CNN

On Aug 13, 7:26 am, PL <pl.nos...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

[snipping portions of PL's pathetic posting already debunked here, or
just too lame to bother with]

Face it, Mr. Lobbyist -- even your CIA colleagues [seem to think you are full of shit on this one. Even at their ironically named Factbook website, they show that Cuba's infant mortality rate is significantly lower than that of the USA.]


Thanks for again showing what a slanderous liar you are Dan Christensen.

[snip the same old lies and evasions]

Already debunked here. See "PL's same tired old lies and evasions."
But thanks for confirming that even your CIA colleagues -- your
partners in crime -- think you are full of shit on this one. What a

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