STILL in denial, PL sneers "Let them eat daiquiri mix!"

On May 18, 6:51 pm, PL <pl.nos...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
So Dan, explain to us: why does Castro buy Daiquiri mix and no wheat?

The get both, idiot! Again, as Amnesty International reported in
March, the US regime is obstructing and constraining efforts by the
Cuban government to purchase essential medicines, medical equipment
and supplies, food and agricultural products. (We are also waiting for
you to simply agree or disagree with this statement. We won't hold our
breath.) Under the terms of the Article 2c of the UN Genocide
Convention, that makes your beloved embargo a form of genocide. And
all you can do is mock the suffering of the Cuban people resulting
from these cruel sanctions of yours. Whatever it takes, right, Mr.
Lobbyist? Again, you are one disgusting, hateful little man!

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