Re: PL still refuses to comment on Amnesty International's condemnation of his beloved embargo

"Dan Christensen" <dchris@xxxxxxxxx> lied again in message

In this recent message Dan Christensen claimed there are no systematic
violations of human rights in Cuba:

When asked:
" Do you accept Mr. Christensen that the Cuban regime violates human
rights yes or no?"

He replied:
" No. Not in any systematic way."

and continued with his usal apologetic support of thje Castro regim'es
human rights abuses

Spare us your crocodile tears! For years, you have been promoting
sanctions against the Cuban people that even Amnesty International has
conceded are "used to harm the most vulnerable members of [Cuban]
society." We are STILL waiting for your comment from you on this
embarrassing (for you) fact. (Don't hold your breath, folks!)

Small problem Danny is that Amnesty International did NOT "condemn" the all. Criticism and condemnation are two different things. You are a
habitual LIAR Comrade Christensen.