Re: What about a petition against the genocidal trade sanctions?

"Fred" <fred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

< You are the one who seems to have made a career of promoting
genocidal < trade sanctions against the Cuban people, Mr. Lobbyist.
And you are < the one who refuses to even comment on -- never mind
condemn! -- the < murder and torture of opponents of the Bush regime
in its secret < dungeons around the world.

You mean the Al Queda (9-11) guys? BOO HOO! I'd cover them in pig
before I had their throats slit and pork sausage shoved in their mouth
and put in a hole with their ASS pointed at Mecca!

Al Qaida is a creation of the U.S. government. Those are
employees involved in secret work for the Whitehouse you're talking
about. Or are these the guys who refused to do Bush's dirty work and
this was their payback.

Oh really? Al Queda is operated by the U.S. Government? Freddy - your
PROOF of this? I mean something not written in Crayon form a Canadian mental


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