Re: Please join the world in a petition for the freedom of political prisoners in Cuba and the support of human rights.

As usual Dan change the hearder of the thread to berak it.
Re: What about a petition against the genocidal trade sanctions?

There are no "genocidal trade sanctions" Mr. serial Liar.
That lie you have yourself exposed by failing to post even ONE quote from a reputable international organization referring to them as such.

The Castro regime on the other hand has been on Genocide Watch's list for years.


Dan Christensen wrote:
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I didn't see anything there about lifting the US embargo. What gives,
Mr. Lobbyist? This is by far the worst violation of human rights in

These are:

Under the
terms of Article 2c of the UN Genocide Convention, your beloved
embargo can even be seen as a form of the genocide.

Nope it can't as there is no intent to kill anyone as shown wo often.
The US supplies about a third of the food that Cubans receive in their rationing.
They are actually feeding the Cuban people.