What about a petition against the genocidal trade sanctions?

On May 9, 4:32 am, PL <pl.nos...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I didn't see anything there about lifting the US embargo. What gives,
Mr. Lobbyist? This is by far the worst violation of human rights in
Cuba -- outside the US naval base in Guantanamo anyway. Under the
terms of Article 2c of the UN Genocide Convention, your beloved
embargo can even be seen as a form of the genocide. (See "Is the US
embargo a form of genocide?" at my website.) And as Amnesty
International has reported at their website:

"Amnesty International has called for the US embargo against Cuba to
be lifted, as it is highly detrimental to Cubans' enjoyment of a range
of economic, social and cultural rights, such as the right to food,
health and sanitation - particularly affecting the weakest and most
vulnerable members of the population. According to UNICEF, the
availability of medicines and basic medical materials has decreased in
Cuba as a consequence of the US embargo against the island."

Makes you proud, don't it, America?

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