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[snipping portions of Kenny's posting already debunked here or too
lame to bother with]


< The outrageous claims of all your Miami exiles put together seem to
< have had no impact at all. Why do you think that is, Kennykins? Only
< that countless people have gone to Cuba to see for themselves --
< precisely what you had hoped to avoid with your beloved embargo, eh,
< Kennykins? Too bad!

Oh Danny. Countless people have seen for themselves? NO - Danny they
have NOT. Shall we take Michael Moore as a PRIME example?

< Moore is no medical expert, but his assessment of the Cuban and
< American health care systems was essentially correct. Many delegations
< of foreign medical experts have studied and reported on the Cuban
< health care system. Much to your chagrin, the consensus is
< overwhelmingly positive. Even your fellow ultra-conservatives at the
< Washington-based, World Bank, after studying the Cuban system, was
< forced to concede what a "great job" it was doing for ALL Cubans -- a
< stunning admission from these high priests of capitalism! Must be
< frustrating as hell for you, I know.

Guided tours of SHOWCASE hospitals where CUBANS are forbidden to enter
is NOT seeing the REAL healthcare system Danny., I know your PROPAGANDA
MACHINE loves it. But it is bullshit. The foreign medical experts did NOT
get to see the CUBAN health care system, they got to see the FOREIGN health
care system in Cuba. The Cuban health care systsm, over all, IS going a
great job, IN SPITE of the obstacles the HAVANA government throws in their
way. Just in general it REALLY sucks as one can see from images taken
INSIDE that broken health case system. 1st class doctors and 3rd rate

(See featured article, "What do Cubans stand to lose and who stands to
gain?" at my website.)

You do this all the time. Support your INSANE claims by proclaiming "SEE
the SAME BULLSHIT on my website written by me that I am posting here!"
Why waste the time to go there and read your insane ranting and raving when
we already see it here?