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[snipping portions of Kenny's posting already debunked here or too
lame to bother with]

TRANSLATTION: Danny's heavy duty bullshitting to follow

< Time to put up or shut up. It has been several years now, and we are
< STILL waiting for you to cite even one independent expert in the field
< -- one without an obvious political axe to grind -- who will support
< your outrageous claims. Until you can do so, do not expect a reply
< from me on this matter.

Danny I have quoted dozens.

Not one, actually. The overwhelming consensus of expert opinion is
that Cuba is doing an exceptional job in health care (and education).

Danny just because YOU refuse to accept them as INDEPENDENT doesn't make
it so. Actually I HAVE quoted MANY Cuban doctors, but to YOU that most of
them have LEFT Cuba negates them being "independent" in YOUR warped view.
But Danny - YOU don't set the rules, no matter how deluded you are that you

< The outrageous claims of all your Miami exiles put together seem to
< have had no impact at all. Why do you think that is, Kennykins? Only
< that countless people have gone to Cuba to see for themselves --
< precisely what you had hoped to avoid with your beloved embargo, eh,
< Kennykins? Too bad!

Oh Danny. Countless people have seen for themselves? NO - Danny they
have NOT. Shall we take Michael Moore as a PRIME example? Huh Danny? He was
shown ONE hospital. ONE! The showcase hospital in Havana EXCLUSIVELY for
foreigners that no Cuban is allowed into except as a slave.

< But thanks for confirming once again that you are STILL unable to cite
< even a single independent expert who will support your outrageous
< claims. What a loser!

Well Danny when I do offer citations you SNIP AND LIE your ass off.