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[snipping portions of Kenny's posting already debunked here or too
lame to bother with]

TRANSLATION: Great Canadian BULLSHIT MACHINE in high gear.

< So "broken" that they now have lowest IMR in the Americas --
< surpassing that of the tormentors to the North. And they are sending
< medical aid throughout the region and around the world on an ongoing
< basis.

Danny as has been DOCUMENTED here many times your bullshit has TWO
answers you have never been able to refute:

1. Nobody know the REAL IMR for sure since there is NO independent
verification of the claim.

[snip more of the same and LIE LIE LIUE LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE]

< Repeatedly debunked here. Remember, we have been waiting for years for
< you and your clownish colleague here to cite even one independent
< expert in the field who has any serious concerns about Cuban health
< stats. You got your butts kicked every time! Care to give it another
< try, Kennykins? Bend over....

Yeah Danny we know. The former Minister of health, having left Cuba - to
your BULLSHIT is not "independent" or an expert. Not to mention the dozens
of Cuban doctors who testoify to the same thing. Pretty nice Danny where YOU
can unilaterally declare ANYONE who disagrees with your mountainous bullshit
"NOT to be independent or credible." YOU being the SOLE judge. Great way to
win an argument. Disqualify EVERYONE who disagree with your invented

< Yeah, there is, Kennykins. Look it up. The whole Caribbean except for
< Cuba -- thanks to your beloved embargo -- is on the fiber-optic
< network.

How close is Puerto Rico? Jamaica? I said CUBA


Check the map, Kennykins. Cuba is closer to the US than either Jamaica
or PR, and both are connected to the fiber-optic network.

No what you want is for the U.S. to RUN a cable to Cuba and the U.S.
TAXPAYER to fund it.

< Prove it. We know you can't. What a loser!

Where is the cable coming from loser?

According to the CIA, there is already a fiber-optic cable from Cuba
to the US network. It only has to be activated.

< It has grown significantly in recent years, idiot! Canadian and other
< firms have invested heavily in Cuban nickel production.
What other FIRMS Danny? The Chinese???????


< No doubt. So what?

Tell me something - what was the yearly output of Nickel in 1958, and
what is it today in TONS?


No idea. And how would it be relevant? The fact remains that foreign
mining companies (e.g. Sheritt) are doing business in Cuba. I know it
pisses you off, but that's your problem.

Satellite links are FASTER weenie.

< They are more costly -- 67 times more costly according to the UN
< report I cited -- and less reliable than equivalent service on the
< fiber-optic network. If you have proof to contrary, please post it here.

You cited NO UN report. You cited an CUBAN propaganda rant piece.

It was submitted to the UN General Assembly to support a resolution to
condemn your beloved embargo. And the resolution was passed by the
overwhelming majority, as have similar resolutions for each of the
past 16 years. Face it, Kennykins, no one outside a few US dependents
are buying into your bullshit rationalizations for these cruel
sanctions of yours.

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