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"Dan Christensen" <dchris@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Dan you and I had a dialogue a few years ago about the impact of
embargo on Cuba, you might remember that at the time stated that
orleans was only between 200 to 300 miles from Habana.

Anyway at the time I asked you why Cuban's were not allowed to buy
computers and other electronic devices and you stated that was not
case. That Cuban's could simply not buy them due to the pricing
pressues of the embargo.

Yet today, a memo has been circulated stating ""Based on the
availability of electricity the government at the highest level
approved the sale of some equipment which was prohibited," the
Government freely sdmits that they did indeed prohibit the

In short Dan, my question is, do you freely and openly admit that
is possible that you do not know as much about Cuba as you may
or possibly have wanted us to believe?
Face this fact. Dan Christensen has been to Cuba ONCE.

< Where DO you get this stuff, Kennykins? Just making it up as you go?
else is new? As you know, I have been to Cuba several times since
1988 --
< sometimes twice a year more recently. We (my wife and kids) have
there once this year already.

Oh Danny this is a new allegation on your part. For years you admitted
to only ONE trip to Cuba.

< Prove it, Kennykins. Yes, I know, you hate that part! (What a loser.)

Danny you change your stories with such regularity keeping track of your
bullshit can be a full time job. For YEARS you said it was ONE trip and
it is DOZENS..............

< So, you have no proof. As usual. What a loser!

Me PROVE how many trips YOU took?

< YOU prove I "admitted to only ONE trip to Cuba." We know you can't,
< Kennykins. What a pathetic loser!

Danny - everyone who has been here for years KNOW you admitted to only
ONE trip to Cuba. NOW you are claiming DOZENS and I think you are LYING
again! Which you do with amazing regularity.


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