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< And there is still the matter of the US embargo that restricts full
to the international internet for Cubans. It will be some time before the
proposed fiber-
< optic link to link to Venezuela is built to get around this US
As it is, access must be strictly rationed based on the priorities of the
entire community -- < education, health care and commerce.

Danny while education has a great thirst for the internet access, health
care is less dynamic.

< Actually, the internet has become essential for the rapid
< dissemination of knowledge and for the discussion of issues not only
< in health care, but in any scientific endeavour.

    Danny you yourself make a great deal of noise about the quality of Cuban
medicine.  Now it is "POOR ME" again. Pick a lane Danny. Which is it?

There is no contradiction here, Kennykins. Despite the best efforts of
all you embargo-Nazis, Cuba continues to maintain the best health care
system in the region, and obtain access to the international internet.
Again, because of your beloved embargo, access to the internet must be
strictly rationed based on the needs of the entire community, health
care applications being one of the top priorities. Home-use will have
to wait.

Commerce will have to first become free of the yolk of
socialism before the dynamism of the Internet will take root in Cuba.

< Despite the best efforts all you embargo-Nazis, the internet and
< international commerce have already taken root in Cuba. I know it
< pisses you off, but that's your problem.

    You're kidding right?

No. Check out all the joint ventures in tourism, mining and
pharmaceuticals, for example.

That's why all the new construction, right Danny?

The roadblock has been the Cuban government's paranoid need to maintain
"control" of the access to the internet.

< Wrong again, Kennykins. It is your beloved embargo that limits Cubans'
< full access to the internet. The US regime has blocked any link to
< Cuba in the regional fiber-optic network. It has forced Cuba to rely
< on much most costly and less reliable satellite links. As a result,
< access must be strictly rationed based on the needs of the entire
< community. I would think that much wider or in-home use would have to
< wait at least until the fiber-optic link with Venezuela is established
< in the years to come.

    What fiber optic network? Oh YOU mean that the U.S. should have PAID
through the ass to lay a gigantic fiber optic cable to Cuba

I mean they should allow Cubans to pay for access to the regional
fiber-optic network, just like Mexico, Jamaica or the DR. Eventually,
it won't matter because of the planned link to Venezuela. I know it
pisses you off, but that's your problem.

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