PL's same tired old lies and evasions...

On Jan 23, 3:06 pm, PL <pl.nos...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
[snipping portions of PL's posting already debunked here, or too lame
to bother with]

Again the standard reply to your "lobbyist" lie:

Quote me


You would like us to forget all about your little indiscretion here
some years ago -- you actually boasting about your lobbying exploits,
the schmoozing, the golf games, etc. Too bad! It is now a matter of
public record. In addition to your own words here, we have your
prodigious production stats here and at other forums.

For all the quotes and details, see the thread "Top Official: US Wants
Cuba 'Liberation'" where our Mr. Lobbyist here obligingly runs through
almost his entire repertoire of desperate lies, distortions and
evasions, including those here, each debunked by yours truly at:

Really, isn't it time for you to come clean on this matter, Mr.
Lobbyist? Your continued denials only serve to undermine what little
credibility you have left. Until you can do so, and if you are simply
going to keep repeating your tired old lies and evasions, do not
expect a reply from me on this matter.

Do you deny that in your posts you put some snippets from the report
quoted below and on your site you also falsely claim about the same

"Today, for the first time, Amnesty International has explicitly
denounced the US embargo on Cuba in humanitarian terms, and made clear
its support for the immediate and unconditional lifting of these cruel


That was 5 years ago. As AI reiterated last year:

"Amnesty International has called for the US embargo against Cuba to
be lifted, as it is highly detrimental to Cubans' enjoyment of a range
of economic, social and cultural rights, such as the right to food,
health and sanitation - particularly affecting the weakest and most
vulnerable members of the population. According to UNICEF, the
availability of medicines and basic medical materials has decreased in
Cuba as a consequence of the US embargo against the island." (AI

Also see featured article, "Is the US embargo a form of genocide?" at
my website.

Mr. Lobbyist would actually have you believe that, despite their
obvious condemnation of his beloved embargo here, AI would actually
support these cruel sanctions of his for as long as it takes for
certain of his "preconditions" to be met! Yes, he really is that
desperate, that stupid and that cruel! Whatever it takes, right, Mr.

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