Re: U.S. Praises Cuban Opposition's Call for Democracy in Cuba

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Dan Christensen wrote:
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The statement added that the task of achieving democratic change in
Cuban society is up to "Cubans and only Cubans."

Gosh... what could this mean???

free and fair elections and freedom of speech with a role for all Cubans.

Very evasive, Mr. Lobbyist. Can't blame you, really.

As you yourself quoted Oswaldo Paya only a few weeks ago saying, "We
do not accept foreign laws that pretend to decide on the present or
design the future of Cuba." A clear reference to your beloved embargo,
is it not? (It really must be hard to get good help these days!)

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my website.

 >> The United States, said McCarry, "supports the right of the Cuban
people  to define a democratic future for their country

Your standard lies and misrepresentations about HB won't change facts
comrade Dan.

No lies, Mr. Lobbyist. The fact is, you and your political masters
have no intention of giving Cubans a say in their future. It's
capitalism or death -- if you had your way.

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my website.

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