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Cuban revolution victims now listed online
After more than a decade of research, a nonprofit group has released an
Internet database of documented cases of victims of the Cuban revolution.
Posted on Fri, Jan. 04, 2008
The last time Juan Mario Gutiérrez spoke to his grandfather, the
10-year-old held up a homemade fishing rod fashioned from a tree branch
and promised to catch a whopper of a fish during his refugee crossing
from Cuba to Miami.
The boy died shortly afterward in a clash with the Cuban Coast Guard
just eight miles from Havana Bay, his 1994 death becoming case No. 8500
in a newly released database of victims of the Cuban revolution.
Juan Mario shares space with 9,093 other people who lost their lives
fighting for, battling against -- or simply fleeing -- the Cuban revolution.
After more than a decade of painstaking research by two Cuban exiles
with the nonprofit group Cuba Archive, for the first time their results
are available in a searchable database on the Web. The Truth and Memory
Project database atwww.cubaarchive.orgwaslaunchedJan. 1, thanks to a
$52,000 grant from Freedom House, an advocacy organization founded by
Eleanor Roosevelt.
You mean funded by the US government.
Please show where any of the published data is incorrect Dan.
Please show where any mainstream human rights groups like Amnesty International will support your outrageous claims. I'm afraid US government funding has tainted this whole project of yours. Everyone knows what a pack of liars they are.
Nothing to refute any of the data I see.
STILL no corroboration from any credible sources,
Just visit the site and read up Dan.
very credible sources.
From a quick look,
Get real DAn.
You never look to see anything.
I see only lists of names and uncorroborated
You mean you see lots of reports confirmed by various witnesses
Can you give me an example?
from high profile cases
to individual cases of people dying trying to flee:|8191ZxYz-930|63327618450|8191ZxYz-930|63327618450

Compare this to AI's account of this incident. Though their
conclusions are flawed

Nope, dan.
No flaws.
No accident.
An extra judicial killing.

Enforcement of the illegal exit law had eased somewhat in recent years, with the trend increasingly to fine first-time offenders and incarcerate only repeat offenders. Despite this overall softening of enforcement, cases of shootings or prosecution for illegal exit were not uncommon. In June 1994, coastal authorities from the port of La Fe, in the municipality of Guane, shot dead José Inesio Pedraza Izquierdo when he tried to set to sea for the United States. This was followed one month later by the most prominent case in 1994, the sinking of the hijacked state-owned tugboat, the 13 de Marzo. The boat, carrying seventy-two passengers, was intercepted by three government boats a few miles out from the Havana harbor early on the morning of July 13. The Cuban authorities sprayed the 13 de Marzo with high-pressure water cannons, reportedly sweeping several passengers off its deck and into the ocean. According to survivors, the boat's path was then cut off, and one of the pursuing tugs deliberately rammed the 13 de Marzo, causing it to sink. At least thirty-seven people died, including many children who had sought refuge from the water cannons in the hold of the vessel.

I see you snipped the rest.

individual cases of people dying trying to flee: (note HRw documenting a case above)|8191ZxYz-930|63327618450|8191ZxYz-930|63327618450
and people "suicided" or killed by the regime|8191ZxYz-930|63327618450|8191ZxYz-930|63327618450|8191ZxYz-930|63327618450
to death by denial of treatment:|8191ZxYz-930|63327618450