Re: Cuba : new independent news agency launched in Havana

Dan Christensen wrote:
On Sep 28, 5:33 am, "PL" <pl.nos...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

[snipping portions of PL's posting already debunked here, or too lame
to bother]

Not one actual news report from these so-called journalists.
Look at the URL's, idiot! They even say "opinion" right in them.
containing lots of news comrade dan.

No news, Mr. Lobbyist. Just opinions on the editorial pages, as anyone
can confirm for themselves. What a loser.

Just look at the articles in the Miami Helrald

Let's see even one actual news article ((snip)

The Herald is full of facts reported by the independent journalists.
They are quoted all the time and given more and more space to post their pieces.
Local news about Cuba is widely reported in lots of online publications as in Cuba there is no free press.
these reports are widely quoted by foreign correspondents and international organizations.
Top Cuban journalists are given editorials to state the facts and explain the situation in editorial pieces in top international newspapers like El Pais, Le Monde, ...

They reports are also quoted extensively by Amnesty International,
STILL waiting for your proof of this, too.
read their reports:
This is just your lying website, Mr. Lobbyist.
that is a list with over 100 links to human rights reports
Your website is the one full of lies. The latest one I exposed was on BTTR

Let's see, for example, a list of AI reports that cite specifically
cite news reports by these so-called "independent" journalists of
yours. I haven't seen any for years.
thanks for admitting you have seen them comrade dan.
You can as easily post the links as I.


Poor, pathetic lobbyist.

But thanks for confirming that you can find nothing at the AI website

I didn't say any of that.
You said you had seen them quoted in reports. You would be the first to try to deny them.
No need for further quotes is there?
Amnesty all the time refers to "local reports"
What do you think they mean when stating "reportedly",

Where do you think these reports come from?

"Amnesty International receives almost daily reports of political dissidents, independent journalists and critics being arrested for carrying out dissident activities or reporting on the human rights situation in Cuba and sent to prison where they await trial. In some cases they wait for months or even years while in others they are tried and sentenced within a few days."

In August Reinaldo Alfaro García, a political activist detained in May 1997, was sentenced to three years' imprisonment for "spreading false news against international peace". The charge reportedly related to a statement he had made in 1995 to a us-based radio station in which he reported that a military officer had gone missing and later died and that a woman had told him that she had been tortured.

Amnesty doesn't get it's information from Granma, Dan.

Again the standard reply to your "lobbyist" lie Mr. Cyber-liar:

Quote me comrade Dan. You claimed you can and you never did.
We both know you can't.

Try something like this:

"In my opinion the advances made by the Revolution are morally well
worth fighting for and justify the use of these extraordinary measures.
In this case, the ends do indeed justify the means.
These measures, however, would NOT be morally justified in propping less
worthy regimes in the region -- the USA and its vassal states in the
Caribbean and Latin America come immediately to mind."

"It is wrong to think that a particular end justifies EVERY means. At
this time, for example, it would be wrong of the Cuban government to
send death squads after their opponents as happens in Mexico and
Colombia. Again, the actions of the Cuban government in detaining these
so-called dissidents seem quite mild in comparison and are morally
justified under the circumstances."


You lie about me as you lied about Wayne Smith, Amnesty
Genocide Watch, ..........

Still waiting for the "Geneva" proof comrade Dan.
That "episode" clearly exposes your lies.

As I said comrade Dan.
Every time you post that lie about me I post the truth about you.

Remember the lie about "lobbying in Geneva" while I actually was on
vacation in Cuba (as the source IP address of my posts in SCC at that
time prove).
This was your false claim:
"Taking a little break from arm-twisting in Geneva, Mr. Lobbyist?"

Your inability to substantiate any of it is the best proof of your lies.

Nothing more than another example of your lies and misquotes like the
ones below:

YOUR LIE about Wayne Smith
"It is clear from Smith's article here (and his website, CIP Online)
that he does, in fact, support an immediate and unconditional lifting
of your beloved embargo."

HIS own words:

'We should reduce tensions, not aggravate it, making it clear to the Cuban
government that we do not have hostile intentions toward them,'' Smith said
during a 40-minute speech at a conference titled Cuba and the United States:
Relations in Permanent Conflict, Causes, Effects and Solutions.
''I did not say lift the embargo without conditions,'' he said.
You can enter after a free registration.

Permanent copy in the Cubaverdad archive:

YOUR LIE about Amnesty International.
Another example of the same lie: putting words in people's mouth.

Do you deny that in your posts you put some snippets from the report
quoted below and on your site you also falsely claim about the same

"Today, for the first time, Amnesty International has explicitly
denounced the US embargo on Cuba in humanitarian terms, and made clear
its support for the immediate and unconditional lifting of these cruel

Link to the "report": (the one you didn't give until I shamed you in to it)

They aren't calling for an "immediate and unconditional" end to the
trade sanctions in that report, are they?
Do you deny you snipped the words "immediate and unconditional" from
these sentences in the report (THE ONLY PLACES WHERE THEY ARE USED):

"in 1.
"On the basis of the available information, therefore, Amnesty
International considers the 75 dissidents to be prisoners of
conscience(2) and calls for their immediate and unconditional

In 8.1
" to immediately and unconditionally release the 15 prisoners
previously named by Amnesty International as prisoners of conscience.

" to immediately and unconditionally release anyone else who is
detained or imprisoned solely for having peacefully exercised their
rights to freedom of expression, association and assembly."

and added to those snippets your own words to create this sentence on
your lying website:

" Amnesty International has explicitly denounced the US embargo on Cuba
in humanitarian terms, and made clear its support for the immediate and
unconditional lifting of these cruel sanctions"

that sentence:
1. isn't in the report
2. isn't supported by the tenure and the conclusions of the report

You snipped two three words used by Amnesty to condemn the Castro
regime and abused them in a sentence to imply support for your cause: a

What the report actually recommends about the "embargo" is:

"Amnesty International calls on the United States government
- to immediately suspend decisions on any measures that could toughen
the embargo.
- to review its foreign and economic policy towards Cuba, with an aim
towards ending this damaging practice.
- to place enjoyment of the full range of human rights at the
forefront of its concerns in developing new policy towards Cuba."

Clearly no immediate and unconditional end is demanded as Dan claims.
The request is for not stiffening the sanctions and to review a policy
that places "enjoyment of the full range of human rights at the
forefront of its concerns".


Lies and more lies from comrade Dan Christensen, the resident Canadian
Stalinist propagandist of SCC.