Re: Mr. Alarcón de Quesada lying in front of the UN on July26 1996 about the planes of Brothers to the rescue

Yo sabía que Cabezón de Quijada se me parecía a alguien y no me podía
acordar. ¿Se acuerdan ustedes de la película de Nicholson de la invasión
de marciano cadavéricos. Cabezón era uno de ellos.

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On July 26 1996 Ricardo Alarcom said in the UN the following about a plane
with registration N2432S:

"Another is that, today, 26 July, at 4.25 p.m., this aircraft is at the Opa
Locka airport in Miami. It still bears the markings of the United States Air
Force; it still belongs to Brothers to the Rescue and may be involved
tomorrow, the day after, or at some point in the future in one of that
UN Security Council Document S/PV.3683
Accesible via:

That plane was in gact NOt owned by Brothers to the Rescue (not at the time
nor ever after) and was the property of a private person NOT connected in
any way to BTTR.

The plane therefore could NOT be used for that organization.

FAA ownership data:

Owned by a person NOT related to BTTR in any way from this date: 8/24/1995

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