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There is no monopoly in socialism. That is only applicable in
capitalist economy. Under a socialist system it's as meaningless
as the temperature of a vacuum, for instance,... undefined.

It's a STATE monopoly dumbass. And one could use the term
"Chinese fire drill."

The "state" *is* the people and everyone is involved that
isn't a monopoly because *everyone* is involved and everyone

BULLSHIT! The STATE is the "elite" under socialism. It's pathetic
paternalism. "We know best what's good for you. Yeah - FREE
HEALTHCARE... all you have to do to get that FREE health care is to
agree to work a 60 hour week for $15 a month and give up ALL your
freedom! FREE!

When you stop listening to what people say and look at what they
the real "bullshit" becomes obvious. Cuba is spreading health care and
education around the world. The U.S. is spreading war and torture
around the world. Socialism is people wotking together for their
common good. Capitalism is people all trying to get ahead by climbing
on the backs of everyone around them creating total chaos and
tremendous economic and emotional stress. That's why the U.S. needs so
many lawyers and psychiatrists.

Look you annoying little dipshit - PLEASE try to remember that I have
actually been to Cuba several times and YOU have NOT! Socialism is people
working for the elite as slaves. The WORST off folks in the U.S. are far
better off than even most of the "elite" in Cuba. Even when it comes to
health care. And, Fred, the U.S. sends far more doctors and medical aid
around the worlds that Cuba ever could.


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