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The US military actually supplied these aircraft to the BTR.

The US government SOLD the planes as surplus

Let's see your proof, Kennykins.

Evidence presented at the UN Security Council debate on this matter
citing articles in your own Miami Herald showed that a US congress
women successfully lobbied the US military to provide the planes --
nothing about a "sale" of surplus planes as you suggest.

Again no link I see: who made the claim?

The Cuban representative at the Security Council debate on this matter
cited articles from the Miami Herald. And no then, or in the 11 years
since, has refuted the claim -- certainly not your political masters
in Miami and Washington.

See UN Security Council Document S/PV.3683 at

Post the text Dan.
In the document (26 pages) the word "Herald" appears 3 times (twice page 8
and once page 10).
Nowhere any of the crap you posted appeared.
Nowhere any of the planes shot down is reported to have US military
It refers to a plane that was intact in July 1996.

and you have no proof that any actually were given or sold, no?
Skymasters can be bought all over.

Could this
explain why the USAF markings remained on these planes? (


Nope, as they hadn't.
You can't 'explain" what isn't real comrade Dan.

The pictures and video of planes shows they

Link doesn't work.

View footage at Youtube

A trailer for your propaganda flick here -- nothing more.


A trailer with a reconstruction that exposes your lies.