Re: Blow-by-blow account of Brothers to the Rescue tragedy

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Cuba is a successful socialist (communist) democracy.

It is no democary.

Yes it is. It's very democratic, probably the most democratic country
I know of.

Sure. In Cuba you can vote YES or YES to what the Tyrant says, and to
Fred that is democracy. Only the Communist Party, no other legal
party. This comment is so outrageous that can only come from a

Cuba has essentially removed money as a factor in it's
elections thereby opening the political process up to all the people
just as Dan says.

Cuba has removed freedom from the election process, just like Stalin
did in the USSR and Hitler did in Germany.

They have a recall procedure that is easier to effect that it is to
impeach an American president, and right across Cuba grassroots public
meeting are underway and have been for months now to nominate
candidates for their next elections. Elected representatives have to
go back to their constituents twice a year and answer questions about
what they have been doing. If their constituents don't like the
answers they get, they can remove and replace the representative.

Sure. Sure. Replace them with another member of the Communist Party.
Those that are replaced are the ones that are not totally loyal or
fall out of grace.

Furthermore, then don't use electronic voting machines that are made by
a company owned by a friend of the president. (;-))

My God....Y