Chinese and Cuban Political Leaders Meet in Beijing

July 11, 2006 --

BEIJING, July 10.-China is ready to strengthen its relations with
Cuba in all spheres, a top Chinese Communist Party official told
Esteban Lazo, a member of Cuba's Communist Party Political Bureau on
Monday, reported Prensa Latina.

Li Changchun, member of the Standing Committee of the Political
Bureau of the Chinese Communist Party, met with Lazo at the Great
People's Palace early Monday.

The Cuban Party official is in Beijing since Sunday on the third leg
of his Asian tour that also took him to Vietnam and Laos.

Li praised Cuba's successes in building socialism and recalled his
visit to the island in July 2003 and the talks held in Havana with
President Fidel Castro and other Cuban leaders.

After meeting with Li, Lazo visited the administrative offices of
Chinese Radio, Television and Cinema, where he spoke with the
institution's director, Wang Taihua. Wang and Lazo exchanged opinions
on the use of the media in both countries as tools of information and
education for their populations.

Lazo also met with Wang Jiarui, alternate member of the Chinese
Communist Party Central Committee and minister in charge of the
International Department. The main topic of discussion was the
development of bilateral relations between the two communist parties.

On Monday, Lazo paid a visit to the Museum of Urban Planning, where a
huge scaled model shows the projected development of the Chinese
capital through the year 2020.

Lazo ended his busy day with a meeting with Liu Yunshan, member of
the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee and the person in
charge of the Publicity Department.


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