Re: EEUU deberá refutar alegatos de Posada Carriles en dos semanas

Herr Broom, Posada will remain a prisoner in the US. No one is going to
send him to tyrannies, including he has already been tried in Venezuela.


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    ... it looks like you are getting ready for Posada to remain ... anywhere but in those two tyrannies you love so much, Castroland and ... Venezuela. ...
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    ... REPUBLIC OF VENEZUELA ... Luis Posada Carriles is the Osama Bin Laden of Latin America. ... Posada reportedly entered the United States in March of 2005. ... States has yet to place an extradition detainer on him. ...
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    ... It's strange to think that if Bin Laden had blown up a Cuban airliner, he would be considered a hero in America. ... His release infuriated the authorities in Cuba and Venezuela, who have been trying to extradite him to stand trial over the 1976 airliner bombing, which killed 73 people, including several teenage members of Cuba’s national fencing team. ... The United States Justice Department had tried unsuccessfully to prevent his release, arguing that his escape from a Venezuelan prison in 1985 increased the risk that he might flee before the scheduled start of his trial on immigration charges on May 11. ... The court rejected the Justice Department’s argument, but it increased security measures by ordering Mr. Posada to be fitted with an ankle bracelet to track his whereabouts. ...
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