Does ANYONE take CubaNet seriously?

Mainstream journalists don't seem to take postings at CubaNet very
seriously. Neither, it seems, do human rights groups like Amensty
International and Human Rights Watch.

I could be wrong, but I cannot recall ever seeing a single credit or quote
in the English-speaking, mainstream print media attributed to this US
government-funded propaganda organ -- not even in South Florida. Scanning for "cubanet" produced only 23 hits today -- ALL at the
CubaNet website itself.

One apologist here was undeterred. He claimed CubaNet was quoted widely in
the French newspaper, 'Le Monde,' and the Spanish, 'La Pais.' This turned
out be a bit of a bust for our apologist, since there were only at most four
articles quoting CubaNet at "Le Monde," with nothing in the past two years.
And only one or two at "La Pais," also with nothing in the past two years.

There are also very few quotes from CubaNet at mainstream human rights
groups like Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch. At the AI website
(, I found only two articles, dated 2000 and 2002, that
cited reports from CubaNet . Similarly, I found only one article dated 1999
at the HRW website ( .

Our apologist remaine undeterred. He then claimed that the writings of
individual "journalists" at CubaNet are widely quoted by AI and HRW, even if
CubaNet itself is not. He cited a couple of names: Raul Rivero (a "prize
winner," according to the apologist) and Oscar Espinosa Chepe. But I found
only one article, dated 1999, at the HRW website that cited any of Rivero's
work. (Yes, the same article as above!) And nothing citing Chepe's work. Oh,
but that are many others, countered the apologist! Are there, indeed?

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