Re: As Cuba loans doctors abroad, some patients object at home

"PL" <pl.nospam@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

[snip portions of PL's posting already debunked here, or too lame to bother

>>>> This quote refers to a prisoner, not some guy on the street. ((snip)
>>> This is about all "guys on the streets" without dollars, no?
>> Another lie! (snip)
> Get real comrade Dan.
> All I posted below is about people in the streets.

Didn't your mother ever tell you that honesty is the best policy, Mr.
Lobbyist? You should have listened to her.

>From YOUR OWN posting in this thread:

"Eduardo Wilson Salazar. Common prisoner, 36 years of age. He was housed on
floor 3B, unit 1, of the Provincial Prison of Guantanamo. He died on the
16th of September of 2001 because he was denied medical attention during a
brain aneurism."

And no indication that medical staff was made aware of his condition. Yet
another of your pathetic lies exposed, Mr. Lobbyist. Once again, we see what
a truly desperate liar you are.

As for the rest of your pathetic posting, you have still have yet to provide
even a shred of evidence to support your outrageous claims that Cubans are
intentionally denied medical treatment when facilities are available (as
they are in the US). All you have are some horror stories about shortages
arisng from your beloved embargo. Tourists can pay for their own medications
and supplies. Thanks to your beloved embargo, however, the Cuban government
cannot import them in sufficient quantities for the needs of the general
population. Like Amnesty International says, the US embargo is "used to harm
the most vulnerable members of society." Even the UN Human Rights Commission
was forced to concede, "It is also impossible to ignore the disastrous and
lasting economic and social effects of the embargo imposed on the Cuban
population over 40 years ago." All in a day's work, right, Mr. Lobbyist?

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