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> Of course, Nazi Dan, Canada is not into it. That's their right and this

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What ARE we to do with you? As even you must know by now (never the
brightest crayon in the box, you are absolutely the LAST person who should
goose-stepping around here calling people "Nazis." It is you, after all, who
supports these cruel sanctions against the Cuban people that even Amnesty
International must now concede are:

1. "highly detrimental to Cubans' enjoyment of a range of economic, social
and cultural rights,"

2. "has had a very significant negative impact on the overall performance
of the national economy, diverting the optimal allocation of resources from
the prioritized areas and affecting the health programmes and services,"

3. "compromises the quality of life of the population, specifically the
children, the elderly and the infirm,"

4. "is used to harm the most vulnerable members of society." (AI website)

In a report critical of Cuba last year (and confirmed in March this year),
even the UN Human Rights Commission was forced to concede that, "It is also
impossible to ignore the disastrous and lasting economic and social effects
of the embargo imposed on the Cuban population over 40 years ago." (SCC

In January, Human Rights Watch confirmed that, "The U.S. economic embargo on
Cuba, in effect for more than four decades, continues to impose
indiscriminate hardship on the Cuban people." (SCC archives)

And how has the Bush regime responded to these shocking revelations? Why, to
INTENSIFY these cruel sanctions, of course! The genocidal intent of the
regime has never been more clear. According to the UN Genocide Convention,
sanctions such as these which "deliberately inflict on the group conditions
of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in
part," actually constitute a form of genocide. Makes you proud, don't it,
Nazi boy -- your very own Final Solution!

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