Dear Myanmar, Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends

In the Wild, Wild West, there were many notorious , famous women such
as Calamity Jane or Anne Oakley, Cat Balloo. Ma Baker was also a
women. Not to forget, Bonnie the partner of Clyde.

I still can’t make it out why former First Lady Hilary Clinton had to
back off from US Presidential race, in favour of Barak Hussein Obama?

Somebody told me that is a saying, in the Wild West, “ no fool will
give a loaded gun to a women”. President of United States of America
is said to have buttons in his hands attached to nuclear arsenal or
loaded guns . Whether the withdrawal of Mrs. H. Clinton was related
to her being a woman or not , or because the guns are loaded, or not.
I simply don’t know, because I am not from the West.

When good news are hard to come by , in recent days, there are good
news, pleasant news, and hopeful news about Myanmar based on what
really, actually happening. They are not fakes, not fabricated, not
manufactured, not false . But some news reporters are still bringing
back yesterday news on today’s paper. Because the news they are
looking for are hard to come by, there is nothing new, good news are
no news for them to report.

Myanmar to come to talk , to come to understand, to come to term is
not to be translated as jumping fence. Compromise, give and take are
not jumping fence , nor surrendering. These are parts of
realisations. Everyone know in the West, that is , “ it is not
healthy, to jump over the wrong fences”, Myanmar saying is “ Chan Khon
De Nwar ”.

Keeping your chin up , chest out, still you need your back straight up
to stand tall. Yes, the word is ‘ straight ’. which is needed
everywhere . ‘ straight’ is the word. Talking is going on, in some
quarter, we don’t know what they are talking about yet, because ‘Kalar
Ma Pee Gin Myanmar Ma Myin Zay Ne ” before it’s finished don’t let
anyone see it. Whatever they may be talking , common ground and common
language are needed. Its no use using the language nobody could
understand. ‘Common language’ does not mean Sanskrit , Pali, Burmese,
or English. It means ‘usage’ common usage which everybody can
understand without double meaning. Because , ‘ only one word is
needed to start a war, that is, ‘ CHARGE ’.

Talking is nice, better than not talking at all. There must be ‘give
and take’. In the case of Myanmars what is there to give or to take
from each other ? We are the family , who wants what from who? Power,
position, privileges, or what ? The New Constitution, Chapter I ,
section 4 clearly states, ‘ Sovereign power of the Union is derived
from the citizens and is in force in the entire country.’

To register NLD again as political party, now or nearer to next
election? Activities of Mrs Aris and defunct NLD how will they be
interpreted, legal within the laws. What are the laws what do the law
say? Rule of the law ? If nothing happen , that’s good, excellent .
If something happens , that’s it, that will be it .

As far as Mrs Aris is concerned, she was the leader of the opposition
NLD. But she was never elected by the people for anything. She was
‘not eligible’ to be a candidate , she did not even had any
constituency. Those who were actually elected from NLD were already
taken part in the National Convention to draft a new Constitution, for
national Reconciliation, for National Unity were called back by un
elected so called leader of NLD namely Mrs Aris. Understanding, after
understand , which were not right understanding. There is no such
thing as understanding, according to the law. All the understandings
outside the law is a kind of ‘corruption’ .

Somebody said, “Only a fool will give a woman a loaded gun”. Who
could that fool be, who could that woman be?

The ‘common’ grounds should be as prescribed in the New Constitution,
Section 6 (a) to (f) non disintegration of the Union and National
Unity, perpetuation of sovereignty , flourishing of genuine ,
disciplined multi-party democratic system, enhancing the eternal
principles of Justice, Liberty, and equality in the Union , and
enabling the Defence Services to be able participate in the National
political leadership role of the state .

Does any party want something else, which differ from the grounds
above? Are the above grounds not in the interests of the people, not
in the interest of the nation of Myanmars?

There is no need for own interpretation, or translation ,“enabling the
Defence Services to be able participate in the National political
leadership role of the state ”. if only we read and study in English
and in Myanmar version. It did not say that , Defence Services has to
take the role of the leader in the National Politic’. It only said, ‘
to be able to participate in the National political leadership role
of the state ”. There is a lot of difference there. A lot of right
understanding is needed by some people. Naturally a lot or people
will be translating and interpreting in their own ways. Common
ground, common language, common understand is essential.

On the subject of “One can choose friends but one cannot choose
neighbours” I would like to add some points, or to express my view
and opinion, without disputing anything. If possible everybody should
be friends to one another. “ Thay Baw Thay Bet - Thaut Phaw Thaut Phet
’ cannot be counted as Friend.

If you are a good gardener you will know how to look after your
garden , bushes , plants and trees in it , and soil they grow on it.
The garden depends on the gardener , how he treats it. For the start
he must know about the soil and how to prepare it, if needs be.
Cleaning the garden, from bushes, and weeds is necessary , not
everything in the garden are bushes and weeds. The garden has to know
cleaning the garden and pruning the trees and plants are different.
If you do not know how to prune, where to cut the branches , or tips ,
you will not be helping yourself . This is where the difficulty is ,
If you have to start from the jungle, from the forest , your job will
be enormous. If you have no idea or have no knowledge of gardening,
who will you going to start , what are you going to do next?

Building a nation is like that. It needs a good gardener who really
knows the job. All the leaders of Myanmars were just doing that, to be
good gardeners. They have studied the soil. They know what to do,
what need to be done . But always something or somebody was bothering
them. Somebody always tried to control Myanmars in the so called ‘Free
World’. A beautiful garden with healthy , trees and plants , clean
from bushes and weeds is a desirable one.

It is true, if someone wants to be your friend, he will be your
friend, nothing to do with being far or near. A friend is not your
master, a friend is not your slave, a friend is not your subordinate .
Friends are equals, they are level, nobody is above or below anybody.
‘ Friend ‘ is not just a word or a name. it’s very mush more than
that. Some people even go as far as saying , “ if you are not my
friend , you are my foe, if you are not with me, you are against me,
if you are with my fore you are my foe ”. Do we need specially
translator, or interpreter on this? I don’t think so.

Our neighbours India or China have many things about us Myanmars to
learn. Not our neighbours US, UK or EU. Life is live and learn. The
trouble is US. UK and EU don’t like Myanmars to learn from anybody,
but themselves. They don’t like Myanmar to be friend with anybody but
them. Yet they don’t want to be ‘friends’, on equal terms, but they
want to be masters, and treat Myanmars as slaves in their neo
colonisation, democratisation, or Americanisation programmes. This
attitude of the West has never changed , they will bully anyone they
can bully.

Let’s say, to trade with India and China the most populous two nations
on earth is a wise idea. They are the big markets, it is cheap, over
head charges, and transport charges are negligible. You have to have
sizable market, and if you can reduced your over head charges. That is
what economy is all about . Besides in Myanmar, China and India ,
majority have no spending power. Not many people in Myanmar lives on
credit cards, and on borrowed money.

In India, as much as its population, there are few rich people and
many poor people , the gap is too much. China and the nature of the
Chinese are different . Indians and Chinese wherever they go, wherever
they are they never forget who they are where they are from. Chinese
and Indians understand what ‘Austerity and living within means’.

Our elders use to say, “ Tayote Lo Sher ”, work hard like Chinese,
Kalar Lo Su safe like the Indian. ‘Bamar ( Myanmar) Lo Mapyhone Ne’,
don’t waste like the Burmese.
That must be something. The contributions of the Chinese, or Indians
to the world , to any countries in the world are so much, There is no
country in the world where there is no Chinese or no Indians. In the
business and economic sectors Chinese, and Indians are very active,
knowledgeable. They are more or lese speculators, and accumulators.
They are the human cats. They will always land on their four legs no
matter from where , which height they fell .

I am sure people will understand when I say that China or India have
share the same experiences, the same history as Myanmar. I am talking
about Foreign Rule. The people and them nation ruled by foreigners
powers. Even today some powerful nations are trying on China. Why not
India you may ask, because India is British commonwealth nations
club. If British does not like India dealing or friendly with
Myanmar, why doesn’t they kick India out from the British
Commonwealth club?

India and China both have came through the same path as Myanmar to be
Free, Independent, and Sovereign nations. So they have a taste of
everything like Myanmars. They understand very well, thoroughly about
Myanmar, and it‘s position , the difficulties it is facing. That is
why India, China and Myanmar are helping each other. They can be
called friends, real friends, on level terms and equal terms, no
master, no slave , not above, not below. A friend in need , is a
friend in deed. If that level and equal terms are not maintain , or
broken, I am afraid the friendship can also be broken. It is
understandable why some people are trying to tell, India, or China not
to help Myanmar. They don’t want these three nations to be friends.

Whether our leaders favour our status as a none aligned nation or as
independent sovereign nation or not. You can beck on the leaders of
today , but you cannot be sure of tomorrow. Even today leader like Mrs
Aris, is all for the west, pro west . The status of Myanmar can be
changed if she had her ways. How can one be called a non-aligned
nation. She is a thorn, and threat, and a danger to Myanmar, and the
That is my view, my opinion. How much people will allow her to
manipulate them.

I have stated, positive and negative sides , for being non aligned. We
cannot be sure of anything. On the positive side aligning with one
side Myanmar may have progress and developments , prosperity. On
negative Myanmar will not be Free, Independent, Sovereign nation. It
could be called lucky , if it doesn’t become battle ground like
Vietnam, Cambodia or Laos. Or Koreas. Myanmar today is more or less
experiencing and becoming battle ground on its own. Who are behind
the curtain, is the question?

“ The strength of our nation lies within the hearts of each one of us
and our willingness to sacrifice and die for what we believe is just
and fair no matter what kinds of challenges we may face now or in the
future.” Fine words, beautifully put.
But what do the people of Myanmars believe? How do they understand
the meaning of ‘strength’?

Some people are misleading other people by preaching ‘ Freedom,
Fairness and Justice’ . What we need to look at is whether that
preacher does put his preaches into practice, or not.