Re: Beichuan Government Spend Millions On Luxury Cars

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Beichuan Government Spend Millions On Luxury Cars

When the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake happened, Beichuan town was one of
the hardest hit because of a lot of aftershocks that happened there.
Recently, many Chinese netizens are extremely angry after discovering
that Beichuan government officials have spent tens of millions buying
cars for themselves in the last two months, using the people’s money
and donations. Many of the cars are luxurious or high-end models,
leading the netizens to feel the government officials are treating
themselves very well, while many earthquake victims are still
suffering and living in terrible conditions.


Millions of what?
Why don't you tell the netters how many US dollars were used to buy
how many cars?

Chinese netizens? From the above given websites?

The information you are requesting is in the link already provided.
Please be more diligent in the future.