Re: Architecture - For I. M. Pei, History Is Still Happening - Connecting the Past and the Present I CAN’T seem to get the Museum of Islamic Art out of my mind.

Steve Chu, new Energy Secretary. He is also member of Academia Sinica
of Taiwan. He was in Taiwan two weeks ago for Academia Sinica

Elaine Chao was born in Taiwan and came to the states at age of 8.

Yo Yo Ma will give concerts in Taiwan end of this month. He is the
only legend now after Rostropovich died.

Never thought Sarah Chang a serious classical musician.

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Frank Lloyd Wright, a pioneer who brought a lot of new concepts to
architechure. I.M Pei also has his status in architecture.

And to Maya Lin, Elaine Chao, Steven Chu, YoYo Ma. Sarah Chang,...
And all you Asians who have contributed to mankind and humanity, I
solute you.

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When Frank Lloyd Wright unvailed his design of Gammage Auditorium for
Arizona State University, the Arizona Legislature called it "a Siamese
house of ill-will"

Today, people around the world comes to Tempe, Arizona just to see his
last design.  It has been a well-known landmark for Arizona.- Hide quoted text -

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