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China has many people reaching for God,,, and they have no clue.

China does not teach religion. Religious activities were passed down
from generation to the next generation without much discussion or
knowledge of what the purpose of their activities. It's the west that
teach religion and the belief in God.

I know too many "False Christians" as defined in the new testament. Chinese
Christians or New Borns, or Born Agains, or what ever they are,, are worse
than western born agains. Have you people actually read that book you keep
thumping people with? Give your head a shake and read it before you start
threatening the old people they won't walk through God's valleys unless they
pay. O ya,, purgatory,,, one time payment partially guarantees entrance,,
but the monthly payment plan guarantees. Chinese Christians are very
difficult to deal with. Plus they are liars.


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