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Why is it so hard for a Buddhist leader to agree to this?

OK, so what's the other side of the story?

Don't know.  Its a game the DL plays.  China is not in it.  Here's
another reader's letter.  You should look up the URL and go through
those letters too.  They tell a lot about people's emotions on the

I read some but not all of them. Are there any of the Dalai Lama's
quotes about this (Dorje Shugden)?

Nope.  The DL will be crazy to even acknowledge there is a problem.

It is possible that the Dalai Lama is losing control over some of his
followers. It is what it is. But is there any real evidence that the
Dalai Lama is condoning goon tactics?

Where the issue is over religion the DL has absolute control.  His
western supporters cannot distinguish that there are dissenting
versions of lamaism.  The dissenters won't get any press or
independent donations and funding.

Where the DL has a control problem will be radical groups such as the
Tibet Youth Congress who don't care for the DL's official peaceful
protest (I use the word official because in private the DL is as
ruthless as they come.)

You've met him in private?

There are enough inside stories about the DL's strong arm techniques
if you care to search the Internet.  I don't care enough about the DL
to keep track.  My assessment of the DL is that he plays his game and
China will just grin and bear it. (re my earlier posts.) There is a
already a library of standard responses China pulls out to respond to
the DL's very predictable provocations.  It's an established and
pretty boring ritual.  For a giant country to deviate from that boring
ritual to beat up a funny little guy in saffron robes won't come off
smelling roses no matter how you spin it.  Nothing the DL can do or
does will damage China nor in any manner influence China to change its
Tibet policy.  One doesn't waste effort on non issues.  The
uncontroversial fact remains is after this DL dies the Dharamsala
based Free Tibet Movement dies with him.  There is no second act.

OK, why does Chinese Govt get so upset when political leaders in the
west meet His Holiness?

What the Dalai Lama doing is called "fermenting rebellion in Tibet".
Any government would be upset with his activities.

Such reactions by the Chinese Govt don't
reflect your opinion above. When His Holiness dies, his Tulku will be
found outside China if this political nonsense hasn't been resolved.
One could almost guarantee another Panchen Lama charade.  An
unwanted side effect of His Holiness' passing could well be a
significant increase in violence aimed at China by Tibetan
sympathisers. His Holiness' moderating presence is the main reason
why there has been so little violence against the Chinese Gov so far.
If the Chinese Govt thinks all will be well after the death of His
Holiness, they are not thinking clearly.


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