Re: Ten Thousand Chinese Become Christians Each Day

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Would it be too cynical to suggest that a large part of this 'increase' is
due to such forcible conversions? And, I do wonder, is it a net increase in
christians or just the number of 'new' adherents? After all, if 10,001 are
also dying each day, from old age, illness,etc, then the bigger picture is
rather gloomy, isn't it?

You raised a very important observation. I know of many "deathbed
conversions" among the people I had known. During a prolonged illness
they know they are going to die but are still lucid. He/she calls in
a Christian priest to be baptized. I am not going to question their
religiosity. My surprise(?) is more why the priest would be so ready
to go through the baptismal.

That is an easy answer. It's their job to save as many souls as they
can, even on deathbed.

I do volunteer work at the local church, and I freely speak out on "no
heaven, no hell, and no god". Other volunteer workers speak of Jesus,
heaven, the King of God, and saved by Jesus, but when Pastor Lee heard
our discussions, he speaks of other religions, other believes, and
other ways of being saved. He never questioned my "non-religous
believes". He never talked to me on religion.