Re: Eating rice with fork and knife ....not the best way

PaPaPeng wrote:
> On Thu, 08 Dec 2005 17:49:10 GMT, PaPaPeng <PaPaPeng@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> You must be under 40 not to concerns about behaving appropriately,
>> say like not eating your meal like a slob infront of a lady friend
>> you are trying to impress, your
>> boss or someone "socially superior."
> I just thought of a quick and dirty test.
> Take your lady love or girlfriend to a seafood restaurant. Order
> lobster, crabs and bony fish all cooked in delicious soupy sauce. If
> she eats with her fingers will you still love her in the morning?

Now you're just being an idiot. Go back and read what I was responding to
and what I posted.

Oh, and try eating shrimp and not using your fingers. I'm sure your lady
love or girlfriend would find that highly entertaining.


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