hotel and guesthouse owners in Cambodia's popular provincial destinations say bookings have dropped as much as 80% over last year's numbers
Bookings tumble in provincial tourist hubs
Written by Sam Rith
Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Hotel and guesthouse operators in formerly busy provincial tourism
spots say rooms are empty as travellers stick to the capital in hard
economic times
DESPITE government assurances that the Kingdom's tourism sector
remains strong, hotel and guesthouse owners in Cambodia's popular
provincial destinations say bookings have dropped as much as 80
percent over last year's numbers.

Operators cite the global economic crisis, political turmoil in
Thailand and territorial disputes along the Thai-Cambodian border as
the leading causes behind their empty rooms.

Mer Veasna, manager of the Sesan guesthouse in Ratanakkiri province's
capital Banlung, said room bookings plummeted nearly 70 percent from
last year.

"Our bookings started to drop in April. [Tourists] do not come to
Ratanakkiri because they are scared about the situation along the
border with Thailand," he told the Post on Monday.

A supervisor at the Ratanak Hotel in Ratanakkiri who asked not to be
named said he did nearly 80 percent more business last year.

"It is very quiet this year. There are many days when I get no
customers at all, while last year I had five to six guests per day,"
he said.

Even hotel operators in Cambodia's most popular tourism hubs say fewer
travellers are booking accommodations.
Chem Vicheat, office manager at the Golden Sand Hotel in
Sihanoukville, said the number of foreign guests at his hotel has
declined 30 percent from last year.

"The drop in our guest bookings was the result of the global crisis
and the closing of Bangkok's airports," he said, referring to sit-in
protests at Thailand's Suvanabhumi and Don Muaeng airports by the anti-
government People's Alliance for Democracy, which led to the closure
of both airports last month.

A staff member at the Angkor Hotel in Siem Reap - Cambodia's most
popular tourist destination - said the 192-room hotel last year
reached 50 to 60 percent occupancy. But this year's has remained below
40 percent.
The growing number of hotels in Siem Reap has made it harder to fill
rooms, he added.

"As the number of hotels and guesthouses increases, we have to compete
much harder [for business]," said the staff member, who asked not to
be named.

Kong Sophearak, director of the Statistics Department at the Ministry
of Tourism, said the ministry has yet to calculate the exact number of
new hotels, but he estimated that tourism destinations such as Siem
Reap and Sihanoukville have each seen three or four new businesses

He said there were 395 hotels and 891 guesthouses operating throughout
Cambodia last year, accounting for a total of 32,033 rooms.

He added that while this year's international arrivals have remained
steady, most of them were no longer travelling to the provinces. "They
mostly stay in Phnom Penh," he said.

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