Cambodian navy rescues two Thai, five Cambodian 'slaves'

Cambodian navy rescues two Thai, five Cambodian 'slaves'
Posted : Tue, 24 Jun 2008 07:07:00 GMT
Author : DPA

Phnom Penh - The Cambodian navy rescued two Thai nationals and five
Cambodians after they jumped from a fishing boat alleging they had
been forced to work 24 hours a day with no pay since July, police said
Tuesday. Sam Saroeun, the immigration chief of the port city of
Sihanoukville, 240 kilometers from the capital, said the men claimed
they would rather drown than be slaves any longer and jumped ship from
the unidentified vessel Sunday.

"They saw land and they jumped," he said.

The five Cambodians came from various provinces, but police did not
know what areas the Thais had originated from, Sarouen said.

"The Thais were escorted back to the Thai border so they could go
home," he said by telephone. "All of the rescued men were very weak."

Cambodian authorities said they were investigating the incident, but
warned Khmers that they made themselves vulnerable to abuse, kidnap
and trafficking if they entered neighbouring countries illegally
searching for work.