Khmer Rouge court judges to inspect Cambodian genocide sites

Khmer Rouge court judges to inspect Cambodian genocide sites
Posted : Fri, 22 Feb 2008 07:54:12 GMT

Phnom Penh - Co-investigating judges for the tribunal to try former
Khmer Rouge leaders will inspect Cambodia's two most infamous mass
murder sites next week, the court said in a statement Friday. "As part
of the ongoing work of the office of the co-investigating Judges, on-
site investigations are being held on Tuesday at Choeung Ek and on
Wednesday at Tuol Sleng," the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of
Cambodia (ECCC) said.

Choeung Ek, which translates as "champions" in Khmer, is also known as
the Killing Fields and is littered with the mass graves of Khmer Rouge

Toul Sleng was a former high school which was converted into Pol Pot's
private torture prison. Most of up to 16,000 inmates who did not die
there under interrogation were transported to the Killing Fields and
murdered there.

The ECCC said both popular tourist sites would be closed to the public
during the judges' inspection as investigations remained

"Appropriate and strict security measures will be in place," the court

Five former Khmer Rouge leaders are currently in custody facing
charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity, including former
Toul Sleng commandant Duch.

Up to 2 million Cambodians died during the Khmer Rouge's 1975-79
Democratic Kampuchea regime. Former leader Pol Pot died at his home in