Center Krom Ngoy: electronic school in Cambodia

Khmer audio as reported by RFA Kim PeouSutton from Phnom Penh,
Krom Ngoy graduates say that there are plenty of technical jobs in
my comments: this is the way to work our way up, to learn skills at
the operational levels and to start anything in life. If we have
ambitions to move on to more well paid jobs like engineering, being a
businessman or professional, then we can also upgrade our education
through night school or online education. Opportunities are plenty as
being evidenced by this report. The Cambodian government may need to
negotiate with Center Krom Ngoy to enroll more students by helping to
finance the expansion of facilities and adding more available teachers
on premise. Here's another idea. The reverse can also be true. For
those students from universities who cannot find jobs, they also can
imitate this kind of professional development, starting at this ground
level in order to pick up more technical knowledge. In the final
analysis, starting our career in life somewhere does not need to be at
the top.