A warning to dubious investors / Hun Sen threatens to abolish the monarchy


07 July 2005

A warning to dubious investors (1)
In a 5 July 2005 public statement the opposition Sam Rainsy Party
warned "dubious investors" against making "illegitimate deals"
with the current Phnom Penh government involving State-owned assets
that are being fraudulently sold off by corrupt government officials.
All deals that are "unfair to the Khmer people" will run the risk
of being cancelled when a democratic government comes to power. "No
regime will last forever. Any successor to a corrupt administration
will want to clean up the mess, and put things into the right order."
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Hun Sen threatens to abolish the monarchy (2)
A European ambassador gave the following information after attending a
meeting between Prime Minister Hun Sen and a European Union delegation
on 30 June 2005 in Phnom Penh.
Hun Sen spent one hour "lecturing" the Western diplomats on why it
was anti-constitutional to give more power to King-Father Norodom
Sihanouk as President of the Supreme National Council on Border
Affairs. The diplomats did not ask any questions about this issue and
were there to ask questions about what Hun Sen was doing on impunity,
corruption and other pressing issues such as the continuous problems
with land rights.
But Hun Sen was not interested in those issues. He told the diplomats
- and they all came back convinced that he intensely dislikes ex-King
Norodom Sihanouk - that he had not been outmaneuvered by Sihanouk
last October over the royal abdication. He repeated conversations he
had had with Prince Ranariddh then and how they had agreed on Prince
Sihamoni to be the new King. He said that Sihamoni was now a good King
who had brought stability to the monarchy. He reminded the European
ambassadors that in France they had cut the head off the King for not
recognizing the revolution, that in Thailand the King had also given in
to the revolution and accepted to become a constitutional monarch and
that if Cambodia was not a constitutional monarchy it would be a
republic. "This is not Nepal, where the King has all power, I will
not allow anyone to challenge my power", he said.
Threatening to abolish Cambodia's formal and weak monarchy represents
the strongest pressure that Hun Sen can put on King-Father Norodom
Sihanouk in order to deter the Retired King from trying in any manner
to reduce his (Hun Sen's) absolute power: Since the restoration of
the monarchy in 1993 the Prime Minister has been acting like a real and
absolute monarch, like Mussolini with the last (formal and weak) King
of Italy.

Princess Vacheara indefinitely postpones her return to Cambodia (2)
While she was expected to come back to Cambodia earlier this week after
her summer vacation in France, Princess Norodom Vacheara has decided to
indefinitely postpone her return to Cambodia because of Prime Minister
Hun Sen's threat against anybody who wants to give more power to
King-Father Norodom Sihanouk in his capacity as President of the
Supreme National Council on Border Affairs. As a member of the SNCBA
and a prominent border activist, Princess Vacheara submitted at the
first SNCBA meeting in Beijing last May a draft Royal Decree intended
to give "adequate power" to the King-Father.

06 July 2005

Information given by Chhay Vee in the DVD (2)
- On 26 March 1997, Chhay Vee visited his friend Chum Bun Thoeun at
Tuol Krasaing and was introduced to Hing Bun Heang. In the morning, the
three men talked in general terms about recruiting Chhay Vee as a
bodyguard. In the afternoon, Hing Bun Heang drove Chum Bun Thoeun and
Chhay Vee in his car to Phnom Penh. In the car, Hing Bun Heang proposed
a special "work" for Chhay Vee to do in exchange for a $10,000
reward. He gave him $1,000 as a first payment. Chhay Vee was asked to
meet Hing Bun Heang again on 28 March 1997 at the Phnom Penh compound
of Hun Sen's Bodyguard Force located behind Wat Botum.
- On 28 March 1997, Chhay Vee went to the above-mentioned compound. He
did not see Hing Bun Heang but was told by another person to come back
(to the compound) on 30 March 1997 at 4.00 am.
- On 30 March 1997, Chhay Vee went to the compound again. He first saw
many people including soldiers he did not know, and was briefed on the
mission to accomplish that day. At around 8.00 am, he met with Hing Bun
Heang who handed a hand grenade to him with the following instruction:
"You will not get the money until it explodes." On leaving the
compound Chhay Vee took a pre-arranged motorcycle taxi that dropped him
at the public park in front of the nearby National Assembly, where a
Sam Rainsy-led rally was going on. He was instructed to launch his
grenade at a precise signal given in the form of a paper ball thrown
from a speeding motorcycle; the paper ball would indicate when and
where to throw his grenade. After a few minutes, the signal came and
Chhay Vee saw a man nicknamed Brazil throw the first grenade. There
were two more explosions in quick succession. He threw the fourth and
last grenade. He then ran through the public park, crossed a line of
soldiers, took a street bordering Wat Botum and reached the
above-mentioned compound. The atmosphere there was so "strange and
threatening" that he decided not to linger around and left about five
minutes later. Fearing for his life, he gave up the idea of collecting
the remaining money promised by Hing Bun Heang. He did not go back to
his unit at Kambol and instead went into hiding.
Chhay Vee had been on the run since. His fear was compounded when he
subsequently learned that several people who, like him, took part in
the grenade attack had been killed. His friend Chum Bun Thoeun, who had
also gone into hiding, had tried for a long time to convince him to
meet with Sam Rainsy. He was first very reluctant. Chum Bun Thoeun had
assured him that Sam Rainsy, whom he had discreetly met some time after
the attack, was a dignified person who had no anger against him and, on
the contrary, could protect him from potential killers in the future if
he won the [July 1998] elections.


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